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What Bot creation framework or platform is your favorite?

Wanted to find out who's had experience creating messenger or bots beyond and what they found as their favorite tactics, platforms, etc... just some advice to catch me up to what's the right way to go. THANKS!
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    It's very easy to start with BotEngine and to design the scenarios for your chatbots.
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    Build your chatbot without coding

    The tool is easy even for non-programmers and lets you create different types of bots. It integrates with Slack, Messenger, LiveChat and Zapier.
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    Dexter 2.0

    All the tools you need to build a successful bot

    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    Dexter is my favorite! Along with this article, it gives you a good primer on how accessible it is + how to get up and running quickly:
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    Build your own Siri. Speech interface for apps and devices.

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    I loved the simplicity of API.AI. I did a bunch of research on all the top bot platforms in December and ended up using this to build a personal bot. Highly recommend it, especially since they released a new feature to handle follow-up intents (allowing you to create continuous conversations more easily).
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    Chatfuel for Messenger

    The intuitive bot builder with AI navigation

    Nikunj TamboliDigital Marketer · Written
    Loved it it integration with Google search & even a novice in programming can implement it without any issue.
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    Engati chatbot platform

    Build your personalized bot in minutes

    Ashish JainDigital Marketer @ Coviam Technologies · Written
    Ashish Jain made this product
    I recommend Engati ( which is a Machine Learning (ML) driven chatbot platform to assist you in creating your own personalized bot on multiple platforms like Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber. It just takes 5 minutes to create your account, and add interactive ML-based chat for different messaging platforms. After this, you can enjoy the analytics and relax! Their features include: -Detailed analytics of users’ interactions -Bot training - Web widget integration -Multi-platform support (Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber) -Customise bot responses - Conversation flow definition and many more