Henry KobutraDigital Practitioner

What's the best online tool to generate a business model canvas

I've come across some not so modern tools like canvanizer (imho), but found nothing really modern. Closest thing which didn't turn out so convenient was google draw templates. Any advice? Best thing right now would be pen and paper :S
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    Business Model Generation

    Design and visualise your business model

    Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Infracloud · Written
    Very useful and personally used it for generating a business model for my startup.
  2. 44
    RealtimeBoard 3.0

    Enhanced whiteboard. Your guide to the future of teamwork

    Pretty easy to use.
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    Dot Grid Notebooks

    A must have for every designer.

    Pen & paper is more flexible and powerful for activities where you want to be focused less on the method of input, and more on the creative pursuit of documenting and designing a business model.
  4. Blake RobinsonFacilitator @ Salesforce · Written
    Similar conceptually and relatively affordable.
    Mark ChannonMemory Coach, Speaker & Author · Written
    Yep big fan of lean stack, a variation on the business model canvas that has slightly more of a customer focus. Number of other valuable tools on leanstack, including traction roadmap to figure out what problem/solution fit, product/market fit and scale look like and a handy sprint board. Having said all that I usually start with a bunch of post-its and a chalk board, then transfer :)
  5. Navin PareekFounder, buildastack.com · Written
    I see it did not too many upvotes. But the last time I used it (some years ago), it was good (and free. The other options were expensive).
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  6. Mak GutierrezDirector, Hackers / Founders MX · Written
    Strategyser is the best way to work on BMC as a team or individual. Pros: - Lets you Attach Value Proposition Canvas to each customer segment. - You can also create tests and validate your assumptions with this tool. - Has simple Market / Revenue projections. - this is the "Official" App from Alex Osterwalder - Single fee per team lets you iterate quickly. - Has a lot of supporting documents and videos on the methodology and tools.
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    GLIDR Team Edition

    Product Management Software, Reinvented

    Jon FalkerMarketing Consultant · Written
    Jon Falker made this product
    I'm biased, but the way GLIDR connects your canvas to your assumptions and allows you to then prioritize which experiments to run is pretty robust and dynamic. It also saves each week's canvas, so you can track how it has evolved over time. Check out this help article for more info: https://help.glidr.io/assumption...
  8. Don FontijnVenture builder · Written
    Here is a complete overview of all the tools/canvasses you need to build your business.
    very good!
  9. vinay kevadiyaCEO @upmetrics.co-Business Plan Software · Written
    vinay kevadiya made this product
    Try this!, its very collaborative as everything in realtime, Quick guidelines about how and what needs to write on canvases. It has a set of various different canvas templates, Pick the right fit among them and enjoy your business modeling journey.