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What's your favorite webinar product?

Looking for something friction-free to host 500 - 1000 live participants :)
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  1. Gilles BertauxCo-founder/CEO @Livestormapp · Written
    Because browser-based (on any browser vs. Crowdcast) + multiple integrations including native ones with Pipedrive or Hubspot + advanced analytics. Perfect for sales demos or customer training. We support up to 500 people live and we manage to get 20% more participants than the average market (ux + browser based).
  2. 1

    Webinars & live streams that don't suck.

    Dewane MutungaWriter, Speaker, Entrepreneur · Written
    The most simple and straight-forward live video solution I've come across. Love this!
  3. Starting to become the the industry standard for Webinars. You need to get in touch with them in order to host webinars with more than 100 people.