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What's the best fitness app?

I am hunting for a fitness app which helps me tone my body and also suggest me diet plans.
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    Simple workout tracker and fitness log

    Tigran Hakobyan💻@buffer & 🚀 · Written
    Definitely, my favorite fitness app where I track all my workouts.
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    A fitness app for people who hate fitness

    Nick MulderFounder & CEO @hypofriend · Written
    Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% working out, 8fit combines the best of both worlds into one personalized & customizable experience ✅
    Made just for you Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. 8fit's exercise programs and meal plans are customized to you and your goals. - Tracking for meals and activities outside the plan - Daily challenges and tips for extra motivation Custom meal plans If you’re dismissing nutrition, you could be missing out on potential results. Our personalized plans help you reach your goal and savor getting there. - Simple and delicious recipes designed by nutritionists - Satisfying meals that span all the macronutrients: proteins, fats and carbs - In-app shopping list to make life that much easier HIIT your way to fit Our workout plans meet you where you are, no matter where you’re starting, and challenge you to achieve the next step. - Weekly plans customized to individual fitness level - Rooted in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a science-backed mode of exercise ideal for weight loss - Intense and effective 5-to-15 minute sessions rev metabolism, increase strength and build endurance
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    5 minute "body weight" video workouts you can do anywhere

    Scott KippProduct Manager, EdTech · Written
    Really good coverage (stretching / strength / cardio, etc.) and super easy to configure workout time. I don't think it suggests diet plans, but I wouldn't want it to. For me that's a distinct enough area that I look for elsewhere.
  4. I would reccomend to try this app. The app helps you to train correctly anytime/anywhere. The camera analyzes all movements during exercises and corrects you if necessary. So check it out! :)
  5. Kirill PolikarpovHead of Marketing Admitad Invest · Written
    A lot of free workouts and most of them don't need of any equipment
    QuentinProduct & Growth @ Dolead · Written
    Freeletics is like the most hardcore of all apps here, but once you're in it, it's awesome. Plus it's a very complete workout, not focusing only on strength or cardio, but the two at the same time. Recently, they also added Gym and Running apps for people that want to focus on these areas in addition to crossfit (one subscription = access to all three apps).
  6. Ammar AlakkadWeb Developer, frontend/backend. · Written
    Gradual exercises that can suit any level.
    Greg Moore · Written
    By far the best workout app out there. I've tried 15+. I always come back t NTC.
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    Free Calorie Counter , diet and excercise journal.

    Sooraj ChandranProduct at Oyster via Carrom Acquisition · Written
    Hand down! This is the best fitness app everyone must use. I personally used this in my weight loss journey - 90-> 72 kg
  8. Nick CorneilCEO, Trainer Plus Inc. · Written
    Nick Corneil made this product
    Over 1000 exercises, with videos and instructions free, no sign up required. Can even make lists of favorites or to request a workout program from a trainer.
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    Personalized Strength-Training powered by Machine Learning

    Julian RamirezEngineering Manager @Dropbox · Written
    Personalized strength training plans that target your rested muscles and are varied enough to keep things interesting. Also makes it easy to track your progress and has videos to help make sure you're doing it right.
  10. app creates, customizes, and schedules workouts & programs in the style that renowned calisthenics and fitness athlete, Chris Heria uses to build muscle, lose fat, and develop technique. Heria.Pro creates workouts catered specifically to you and your fitness needs, utilizing an algorithm that learns your preferences and workout style. Each workout is fully customizable by you and can be saved/scheduled to be used anytime with a very easy to follow workout planner. It comes equipped with a robust analytics feature where you can track your fitness goals with details like your top target muscles trained, top exercises, and workouts per day/week/month.
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    Fitbit App (new release)

    Now with better run tracking, mapping, and logging

    AylaFounding Team @ Haystack · Written
    I got the Fitbit Charge 2 as a gift and was so amazingly surprised about how helpful it was to use the Charge 2 with the Fitbit App. I now track my macronutrients and calories, physical activities, water consumption, sleeping analytics, and reproductive health. It also integrates well with other apps and has a great social community that you can access. I also opted to pay $35 for a year of "Fitbit Coach" which is packed with exercises that sync with the Charge 2.
  12. Andrei OlteanuiOS Developer - Design+Code - Learning · Written
    Great workout tracker, smooth design and great statistics!
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    Down Dog

    Practice great yoga anywhere 🧘

    Tanushree ShenviMarketing Manager, CleverTap · Written
    It is the best app for practicing yoga at home
  14. Edith DomschyMarketing in Copenhagen · Written
    The only fitness app I know of that tracks your fitness progress on your body inch by inch. BodyBarista measures your body based on 2 pictures you take with your iPhone in front of the mirror, and returns your entire body in inches/cm. It also measures your Body Fat %.
  15. sofia kazmiSecret Life of Ninja · Written
    Though This doesn't have extreme exercises, but nice for regular exercising.
  16. PauliOS Developer · Written
    Paul made this product
    Weiqht is the best app to get an overview about your body and to add your weight and body fat percentage into Apple Health. Weiqht further enriches your measured data by automatically calculating 'Lean Body Mass', 'Fat Mass' and the 'Body Mass Index' (BMI) for you — and adds them to Health. (disclaimer: I'm the maker)
  17. Yelin Lee6Global Marketing Manager · Written
    You can log how much calories you consumed (once you integrate myfitnesspal) and track what types of workout you did. I personally do weight training and this app works beautifully. If you have Apple Watch, I think the results will double. (I only have iPhone but it's still pretty good)
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    Do workouts with AI, rather than alone

    Gennady Sidelnikov made this product
    I promote my product)) With AI Personal Trainer you don't really need a Personal Trainer anymore: just launch the App and start working out! Our App recognizes your movements through your smartphone camera and gives you tips on how to perform every move in a way that is most beneficial for your workout goals.
  19. Here, you can get more than thousands of trainer.
  20. You can follow a gym plan customised to you and your goals! Start an interactive workout and it tells you exactly which exercises to do, how many sets, reps and how to do the exercise with easy to follow videos! Complete a new level each week - the workouts change every week to challenge you and keep things fresh.. Our personal trainers create the plans using our database of over 3000 exercises and include the latest scientific methods/techniques to help you reach your goal.