Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale

What's the best app for 2-factor authentication?

What do you use and why? Authy? Google Authenticator? What's best?
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    Dead simple two-factor authentication optimized for devs

    Andreas KlingerRemote First Capital 🏝 / AngelList ✌️ · Written
    I like the icon
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    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Authy is just the best yet. They have a beautiful user interface with icon support for multiple websites and a native app for Mac!
    Best 2FA our there. If you ever need to switch phones, you can easily do it without needing to manually redo everything. The design is really minimalist and is perfect for copying your codes to login quick.
  2. Loris MazFounder, SimpleVisa · Written
    I used to use Authy but I find it easier to get access to my 2FA code within 1Password, mainly because I use 1Password for my regular passwords. "1 app does it all". FYI: To use the 2FA feature in 1Password, set a field as "One-Time Password" and use the provided QR code reader if needed.
    Best password manager, also allows 2FA code generation
  3. Mike SlaghHelp companies hire veterans w/shift.org · Written
    Google Authenticator because Heroku recommended it and it works for everything
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer and proven technophile · Written
    Google Authenticator is very usefull and can be used almost everywhere. However, the app lacks some features such as a search bar, an interface too simple and for exemple I really think that adding website icons and a categorisation system can be very cool. Despite this, I use it since 2-3 years and it works absolutely perfectly fine !
  4. Great password manager that also includes 2-FA support
    Awesome. Supports Windows Hello :)
  5. Michael DengSoftware Developer · Written
    I've been using Duo forever, works like a breeze for me.
  6. Elena LeuMarketing gal @ UNLOQ · Written
    Login is done through push notifications, ToTP or e-mail magic link. Access to the mobile app is restricted through fingerprint, PIN or both. Customisation is another cool feature for UNLOQ.
  7. It's the latest free TOTP Authenticator with premium features which are not provided as one in many of the other apps like:- Code generation, Widget Support, Multi-Account Support, Completely Offline, Extra Security, Account Customisations, Cross platform Backup/Restore, Multi-Device support and much more.