Sophia Deng
Sophia Dengproduct operations @ gigster

Are there any forum / messaging board products out there?

Looking for something with commenting ability for multiple people Ideally, something like Hacker News
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    A platform for community discussion. Free, open and simple.

    This is one of the best forum platform out there
    • Vinish Garg
      Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

      I have used it extensively in Andrew Chen's talk platform: and also for Write The Docs forum at I think it meets most of the goals of a well structured, well monitored, and custom discussion forum. I like it.

    • Daler Karimov
      Daler KarimovQuestion. Learn. Make. http://www.Eve.QA

      Happy using it for my projects:

      Eve.QA - easy and expressive Q&As for events. - a place to share and discover exciting opportunities.

      Apteka.TJ - forum on health, beauty and family well-being.

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    Forums and commenting re-imagined.

    Duane Wilson✌️
    Duane Wilson✌️3Product : Design & Development · Written
    This is a well done 'drop in' board / community plugin - also, there are tons of HackerNews style projects on GitHub that you can grab. Hope that helps
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    A better community platform for the modern web

    Alex Kaul
    Alex KaulResearcher & Maker · Written
    NodeBB rocks!