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What are the best independent newsletters you subscribe to?

After feeling like I was drowning in information between news websites, blogs and Twitter, I've found myself increasingly turning towards curated newsletters delivered to my inbox on the topics I care most about from interesting people in the field. Specifically, I'm interested in reading about startup funding news and advice, consumer technology trends and political economy -- although I'm open to reading about new topics too! Here's a couple I already subscribe to: 1/ tech/marketing/french politics by Liam Boogar - 2/ general news roundup by Lauren Holliday - 3/ news and commentary on voice computing by Matt Hartman - 4/ tech-focused news from Benedict Evans - 5/ business models/political economy/society by Azeem Azhar - I found the majority of these via the Revue discover tool which is awesome:
27 recommended
  1. 76
    Morning Brew

    The hottest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley, daily ✉️

    Stephen ChipCo-founder, · Written
    Morning Brew has become my daily go-to email newsletter. It’s an awesome daily newsletter that delivers the top business news in a way that’s informative and witty. Best of all, it’s free, and only takes 5 minutes to read each morning!
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  2. 48

    Financial news explained in 3 minutes in a daily e-mail

    Andrew Ettingeri used to work here · Written
    Newsletter that actually explains the basics of personal finance, mixed in with the news.
  3. Josh BeardMarketing professional · Written
    Shane Parrish of Farnam Street sets out to "Upgrade Your Thinking" in the Brain Food Newsletter. In his own words, "In contrast to the “mental fast food” invading the web, FS is a rare collection of timeless knowledge that is both hearty and real."
    Simona BaliPM @SupersideHQ (YC'16) | Start-Up Chile · Written
    Discovered it recently and it is beyond fascinating. If you wanna understand more about mental models and how to change your thinking then this is a must.
  4. 9
    The Hustle

    Vice meets Fast Company

    Silicon Valley happenings in a sharp, witty, tidy little package. The best writing I've ever seen in a newsletter hands down.
    Simona BaliPM @SupersideHQ (YC'16) | Start-Up Chile · Written
    Pretty much the only newsletter that keeps my attention from title to footer. Entertaining, insightful, more like a friend than a newsletter.
    Do they also have a Slack group?
  5. Ionut NeaguCEO at · Written
    Fun weekly newsletter with personality.
    Probably one of the best-written newsletters I'm reading. It comes with links to awesome tech finds and cool miscelanea, curated with humor and much wit.
    I think this is the only newsletter that gives you the weirdest stories that you're going to read the whole week. It has interesting concepts and tools that you don't see shared in many other tech newsletters. And it makes you laugh. :)
  6. FerminRPGrowth Hacker · Written
    Understand today's financial news in 3 minutes. For free.
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  7. David HutchesonDigital Customer Support Evangelist · Written
    This is the weekly newsletter by Kai Brach, the man behind Offscreen Magazine (which you should also check out if you're interested in well-curated tech publications). Kai is my go-to curator in tech and in his newsletter he shares everything from new apps to check out, to tech gadgets and weekly readings, all in a simple, considerate newsletter. I think you'll love it 👍
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  8. Rosemary O'NeillSerial Entrepreneur, Community Expert · Written
    This email newsletter/blog doesn't really fit into the category of news and trends, but reading it will expand your mind beyond the usual content you see all over the web. Curated by Maria Popova, it might include art, literature, interesting tidbits from across the spectrum. It's my favorite way to step outside my own "filter bubble."
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  9. Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    I curate the Work Futures newsletter, which is an exploration of the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.
  10. 2

    Curated startup knowledge, inspiration & background stories

    Andrew AskinsPartner & CEO at Krit · Written
    I run Startup Watching! It goes out twice a week, and unlike a lot of the others here it's focused less on news and more on background stories from other in-the-trenches startups. It has about 10,000 subscribers, and each issue has 5 links to stories and inspiration.
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  11. Edward TayDigital marketer, Data scientist · Written
    Without data, we're just another person with an opinion. The team at CB Insiders fight the pundit-industrial complex with cold, hard data that helps us be the smartest person in the room.
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    Hacker Newsletter

    Best of Hacker News in your inbox every Friday.

    João CunhaFounder at & Product Manager · Written
    I've been following Hacker Newsletter for 8 years now. It's essentially a weekly curation of the top Hacker News articles made by Kale Davis. What I like the most about it is that it always has content that I can share with my geeky-but-non-hardcore-programmer friends, and the top picks are usually super impressive information. I can't recommend it enough. It's my favorite newsletter along with PH's.
  13. Bryan M. BlanchotMarketing Technologist from the Gen Z · Written
    One of the worst landing pages I've ever seen but the content of the newsletter is fascinating. It's a long narrative read that is focused on general trends as perceived by Warren Ellis.
  14. Bryan M. BlanchotMarketing Technologist from the Gen Z · Written
    Short summary of the latest tech, security, and media news. Clear and concise style.
  15. BesartShop Smarter with 🛍 · Written
    An amazing moderate and rational newsletters with incredibly analytical insights. "it has been called "superb" by the evolutionary biologist and writer Richard Dawkins,"real journalism" by the psychologist Jordan Peterson, and "one of the most stimulating & original new web magazines" by Steven Pinker of Harvard University. Quillette has become one of my favorite publishments to date.
  16. James WoodBlockchain/Crypto, Books.History,tech. · Written
    You can't beat Zero hedge for market and general news.
  17. Matthew BenjaminFront end engineer | Werk · Written
    The Skimm puts all the news you need in one place. I have been an active reader for a couple of years now and can't imagine starting my morning without it.
  18. It's indispensable in the learning technology business. Excellent, balanced perspective. Great links to everywhere. A little US-heavy, but isn't everything.
  19. HarthenFree software and progressive web apps · Written
    Harthen made this product
    Software Box has a great email newsletter. They have a great database with the top cross-platform freeware out there. The newsletter keeps you up-to-date with new releases and software you may not have heard of.
  20. Stuart ArsenaultBuilding · Written
    Much more retail than tech, but great insights on consumer in general.