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What is the best FREE product you know, and would pay for if it wasn't?

There are plenty of nice free products out there but don't progress. What are the once that you would pay for to get even better?
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    Google Photos

    Automatic backup and unlimited storage for all your photos

    Michal Rutrich
    Michal RutrichBe productive. Stay ahead. · Written
    Before using Google Photos I always had to copy pictures to my PC, upload it somewhere and share with friends / family. With G Photos everything can be done in few clicks/seconds on my mobile phone. It's especially handy these days when I constantly shoot my 11 months old son and want to share it with his grandparents. It's old but gold. Without it it would be a real pain.
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  2. Omer Molad
    Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    Couldn't live without Google. Search is one of the most valuable things we do today.