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Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom

What are the best SEO tools are you using in your projects?

Just share your "must" SEO tools and give advices, product recommendations for others.
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    Google Trends

    A new experience to explore what the world is searching 🔎📈📊

    Sydney Leigh
    Sydney LeighLet's build something awesome together! · Written
    If you're looking to get a overall landscape of the popularity of a keyword, Google Trends provides some great starter insight.
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    Man Thi Hao
    Man Thi Haohao dang lam nhan vien tai dogomynghebiz · Written
    keep up the trend
    • Laurens Laudowicz
      Laurens LaudowiczCo-Founder @ STARK

      Been using google trends for quite a while. This is actually a long awaited update/overhaul. So glad to see the direction google is taking with design and communicaton style. So clean!

    • Marcos Ortiz
      Marcos OrtizCo-founder at Capital Latino, LLC

      It's great to see that Google took the step to make a complete refresh to Google Trends.

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    Count and analyze backlinks to a domain

    Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom · Written
    A great SEO toolkit for every needs.
    Man Thi Hao
    Man Thi Haohao dang lam nhan vien tai dogomynghebiz · Written
    Great app for ongoing monitoring of your website's positioning, i loveit
    Lương Xuân Tài
    Lương Xuân TàiMarketing in Đồ Gỗ Đẹp Info · Written
    ahrefs is a seo tool that every seoer needs
    • Great tool. It's something that can change your rankings in Google dramatically - if you use it right! Luckily, they have in-depth guides.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Great app for ongoing monitoring of your website's positioning / SEO ranking. Easy to use, even to those not very familiar with SEO.

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    Dareboost: Website Speed Comparison

    Check how fast your website is against your competitors

    Florian Karmen
    Florian KarmenSEO Consultant in Strasbourg · Written
    Best tool to get insights on how to speed up your website
  4. Savelii Kovalenko
    Savelii KovalenkoMarketing Manager, CleverPumpkin · Written
    Great product! Awesome keyword magic tool, backlink reports & opportunities, competitors info etc. Totally recommend.
    Best tool for SEO research and data intelligence
  5. This should be your first choice if you are looking for a free keyword research tool.
    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    Can't work on SEO if you do not have data about keywords!
  6. Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom · Written
    The best desktop SEO crawl software. Easy to use and you can use advanced options. Also it has Analytics and Search Console integration.
  7. Nils De Moor made this product
    The perfect SEO toolkit, that doesn't swamp you in endless amounts of graphs and data, but keeps things simple and actionable.
    Boris Demaria
    Boris DemariaDigital MacGyver · Written
    Quick. Simple. Actionable. And you don't a PhD to master it. Highly recommended!
    Perfect tool for any level of SEO knowledge (trust me!) - Super fast with tons of resources if you aren't familiar with certain criteria/strategies.
  8. It is must to know what all keywords are working/not working for your competitors. Spyfu is the best in the industry to do that. I hope this helps.
  9. Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom · Written
    You can track your desktop and mobile SEO visibility, rankings, content performance and more.
  10. Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom · Written
    A great SEO crawl tool to track your onsite SEO performance and checking technical issues. A cloud SaaS tool and easy to use. Highly recommended.
  11. Igor P
    Igor PSEO at Flothemes · Written
    It gives you a quick overview about a site's traffic, global and regional rank, traffic sources and organic search volume and keywords. It's a good alternative when you don't have access to Google Analytics and want to see how well a site is performing. You can also use this tool to evaluate partnership opportunities (if it's worth initiating a partnership with a specific site).
  12. Metehan Yesilyurt
    Metehan YesilyurtSearch Experience Optimizer @onediocom · Written
    Great modules, easy to implementation and great data analysis for fair prices. You can easily track your rankings, traffic forecast and more. A complete SEO tool for increasing SEO visibility and traffic!
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    Crawl and visualize your website structure

    • CCarter
      CCarterJanitor, Googly

      I never took SEO audits seriously until I started with the beta of Sitebulb. The interface is easy to use and the segmentation makes organizing and knowing what to focus on effortless!

      I already bought a subscription - came here to support a great product!

    • John-Henry Scherck
      John-Henry ScherckPrincipal Consultant

      It's a beautiful product for advanced technical SEO that you can feel confident using. It provides solid recommendations and is very easy to use. I picked it up in a matter of minutes.

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    Content ideas from autocomplete suggestions

    work fast, good free features
    • Ugur Kaner
      Ugur KanerProduct designer w/ superpowers

      Their query based pricing makes the product almost unusable. They'll charge you for every DB query they post -- every click will cost you the number of DB queries that action requires. That's pretty random and dependent on how efficiently they do that (I don't see much incentive to optimize that). Moreover, reports you "purchase" are not cached i.e if you request the same report you just saw/purchased, you'll be charged again.

    • Dustin Day
      Dustin DayDesigner and Marketer

      I have been using SERPSTAT for about a year and normally use SEO PowerSuite and Google tools. I love the ease of use of SERPSTAT and the information it pulls when doing keyword research or looking at the keywords related to an added site. Great set of filters which make searching easy.

      Can't wait to see how it evolves as more people grab it.

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    Ubersuggest Keyword Planner

    Free keyword overview and suggestion tool

    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Simple free keyword research tool
    • Christopher Benitez
      Christopher BenitezContent Marketer

      FINALLY - a tool that shows an approximate value for search volume without having to burn a hole in your pocket every month. Despite its limitation (which is understandable because it's a free tool), Ubersuggest is a keyword tool that cashstrapped marketers and SEO specialists can't do without.

    • Joy Healey
      Joy HealeyPart-time blogger and Internet Marketer

      I need to come back to this and do more testing with a specific purpose is mind, but I just ran it quickly to be sure I wouldn't forget it - and I won't!

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    WebSite Auditor

    The techie's SEO spider: find site issues other tools miss

    Masha Maksimava
    Masha MaksimavaProduct & Marketing · Written
    Take a look at Website Auditor. It's very powerful, crazy cheap when you compare it with other site audit tools, and has some neat features like visual maps of your site. Works for technical SEO auditing and content analysis/optimization as well.
    • Dustin Day
      Dustin DayDesigner and Marketer

      I love SEO PowerSuite and Website Auditor is a key piece of that package. This is one of my first tools to process a website when I am doing SEO for a client. It gives you a good baseline and overview of what to fix in the technical side of a website. The single page reports help refine the onpage SEO and the reports are great!


  17. Saijo George
    Saijo GeorgeDigital Marketer · Written
    Here is a bunch of them
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    Keywords Everywhere

    Free browser add-on for keyword volume, CPC & competition

    you can easily find extra longtail keyword and medium tail keyword for your high-quality content.
  19. This is an amazing tool which offers you amazing features like - Keyword Research - Competitor Analysis - Website Analysis It helps you - to discover ideas to boost your reach - to improve your SEO - to do effective keyword research - to analyse competitors for their search performance and keywords - to analyse why your competitors are ranking and what is your status, your pitfalls - to help in improving both SEO and PPC strategy - to SEO audit - to do backlink analysis Alexa is an Amazon company which helps you to find, reach, and convert your audience with marketing that works.
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    The world’s fastest keyword rank tracker.

    Josue Gio
    Josue - Independent news media · Written
    I use it on daily basis. I tried many of them and i'm sure this is the best keyword monitor. I let you my referral link with $10 USD to test it.