Is there a product that can connect to all messaging apps?

Some of my friends are using Telegram, others WhatsApp, others iMessage, others Facebook Messenger and it is not a problem. Problem is that I do not want to have so many applications on iPhone to communicate with them. Is there an application that aggregates all popular applications?
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    Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

    KhodlBots + Dev + Travel + No Bullshit · Written
    Simple and efficient: one tab for each channel, add as many channels as you want.
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    David Baruchel
    David BaruchelFounder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up · Written
    I started using it to have a desktop client for whatsapp, but turns out it's a great way to centralize everything !
    about bobsch
    about bobschTechnician @ TU Wien · Written
    Franz is great. My only gripe: it's resource hungry. So if you're on an old machine (i.e. an iMac 2009 with 8 GB RAM), it can be a little too much if you've got many tabs open. But apart from that I absolutely love it. :)
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    Social enterprise platform

    Enterprising Josh made this product
    Bitrix24 has that and it's called Open Channels -
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    IM+ for Mac

    The messaging app for all your messaging

    Evgeny Kruglov
    Evgeny KruglovCo-founder in AppFollow · Written
    As Franz app was ditched by developers, I switched to IM+. It has less options but still works fine for me.
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    Manageyum 2.0

    A browser made precisely for your apps.

    Luca Demian
    Luca DemianStudent Developer · Written
    Best one I've used.