Is there a product that can connect to all messaging apps?

Some of my friends are using Telegram, others WhatsApp, others iMessage, others Facebook Messenger and it is not a problem. Problem is that I do not want to have so many applications on iPhone to communicate with them. Is there an application that aggregates all popular applications?
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    Franz 2.0

    Desktop app for Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger

    KhodlBots + Dev + Travel + No Bullshit · Written
    Simple and efficient: one tab for each channel, add as many channels as you want.
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    David Baruchel
    David BaruchelFounder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up · Written
    I started using it to have a desktop client for whatsapp, but turns out it's a great way to centralize everything !
    about bobsch
    about bobschTechnician @ TU Wien · Written
    Franz is great. My only gripe: it's resource hungry. So if you're on an old machine (i.e. an iMac 2009 with 8 GB RAM), it can be a little too much if you've got many tabs open. But apart from that I absolutely love it. :)
    • Bridges to Italy
      Bridges to ItalyPrez, Bridges to Italy

      I like the idea of having one desktop app for all my messaging needs. This one is pretty good because it includes two big ones for me: FB Messanger and Whatsapp. It'd be perfect if it had IMessage too.

    • Shun Yamada
      Shun YamadaCiao Technologies

      Never check all applications for whether inboxed or not. These apps like Station and Stack that curate applications and localize that desktop app increase recently. The app does not give notifications from the applications involved.

  2. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Bitrix24 has that and it's called Open Channels -
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    IM+ for Mac

    The messaging app for all your messaging

    Evgeny Kruglov
    Evgeny KruglovCo-founder in AppFollow · Written
    As Franz app was ditched by developers, I switched to IM+. It has less options but still works fine for me.
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    • Alexandru Nastase
      Alexandru NastaseMultidisciplinary Senior Designer

      1. Consumes so much RAM than Franz does.

      2. Missing ability to turn off services that you're not using after working hour (slack) - Franz has it

      3. Missing navigating through tabs with CTRL+TAB - Franz has it

      4. On Slack, I have like 6-7 teams added ... all have the same Slack Icon - why aren't you pulling the teams logo and replacing that like Franz does?

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    Manageyum 2.0

    A browser made precisely for your apps.

    Luca Demian
    Luca DemianStudent Developer · Written
    Best one I've used.