What was the last app that blew you away?

What was last app that blew your mind, what was so mind blowing about it?
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    FerminRPGrowth Hacker · Written
    It replaced most of the productivity apps I was using for a single one.
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    Felipedesigner and illustrator ✌ · Written
    Notion helps me organize myself personally and for work. I love it, could not recommend it more.
    Amanda Saffer
    Amanda SafferFront-End Designer & Developer · Written
    I love this app and use it for everything from personal notes (mostly mapping out my D&D campaign) to in-depth work roadmaps and meeting minutes. It's completely replaced Evernote, Bear, and whatever other note taking software I've tried over the past 5 years.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Zenkit combines an easy usability with flexible data view options. Organize your everyday tasks or big complex projects. Check it out!
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    Advanced Email Tracker for the whole team

    Use every single day.. send 10-12 emails per day but they are suuuper important and Docsify helps me manage all this stuff. Happy I found it on PH
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    One app to rule them all

    Was using Franz for a long time but Station has way more integrations.
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    Launchaco 2.0 🦄

    Simple landing pages for your startup

    RamyFull-time indie hacker since 2018 · Written
    The onboarding flow blew me away. It didn't require a sign up and was just so easy to use/follow.
    Aniket Patel
    Aniket PatelVenture Capital Analyst @evpvc · Written
    An absolute steal for the price you pay for (especially since you can make as many pages as you want)!
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    Supernova Studio

    Convert Sketch into iOS, Android and React apps in minutes

    I have used many Sketch to iOS/React conversion apps previously and turns out to be not what I expected. Kind of gave up my hope on such apps. When I saw Supernova, thought it to be another of these apps, but their website kind of pulled me in & their AMAZING customer service made me try it out. Turns out trying it out was a great move as I was blown away by Supernova Studio as it exported a working Sketch mockup to an iOS app. It even has its own type of "Auto Layout"!
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    Rethika Rao
    Rethika RaoDigital Marketing Evangelist · Written
    Hello, I've been searching for a design app for quite some time till I finally found canva. Canva is a cloud-based graphics designing app which helps you create various online graphics content. Canva is an amazing designing app that helps you create posters, presentation, social media posts and banners, birthday cards, email banners, and many more exciting and creative infographics. You can really dive deep into your creative ability while using this app, as It facilitates you with easy-to-use drag and drop features with built-in templates, images, icons to draft your imaginations into reality. You should definitely give it a try if you like graphic designing. I am sure one would love using this app.
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Rich Peterson
    Rich PetersonBusiness Growth Agency · Written
    Beautiful to use.
    Ryan Manor
    Ryan ManorProduct manager at Adobe · Written
    Things 3 has completely reinvented my task management, I love it. Unfortunately its only for personal tasks, so It can't get you out of having to use Asana, but its a powerhouse for your personal work.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    Joanne Poon
    Joanne PoonGraphic Designer . Intuition Coach · Written
    I love how simple it is and how much I actually use it. In the past, I tried so many different note taking, note filing apps and they all felt so complicated and messy. I love how streamlined Bear is and how easy it is to format text quickly. You can use it for just taking notes or make it into a system for keeping all your information, images, links etc.
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    Netlify Build Plugins

    Optimize your site & boost developer workflow at every build

    Achuth Hadnoor
    Achuth HadnoorMaking apps for digital creators · Written
    Achuth Hadnoor made this product
    I made this to scratch my own itch! to save all the code snippets in menu bar ! i can manage more effectively my code snippets easily from any app i am currently in.There is no tool which can do this now !
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    The work management platform for teams

    mCartmCart by Mavatar · Written
    I used to use this, then I didn't for a long while and now I'm back. I love how easy it is to go back and see what anyone said/took care of regarding a project. At times things get a little jumbled in the Dashboard, but when it comes to my Inbox I like the way everything's organized.
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    Lead Honestly

    One-on-one questions to actively engage employees.

    Shay Howe
    Shay HoweCo-founder of Lead Honestly · Written
    Shay Howe made this product
    Lead Honestly, my go to application for team management specifically as a leader, is solid. (I'm biased as a co-founder though.) It helps facilitate all of our 1-on-1 meetings, provides a pulse of how the team is doing, and tracks action items we need to do.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    David Hutcheson
    David HutchesonDigital Customer Support Evangelist · Written
    I know it's not new - but if we're talking about 'blow-away-apps', Trello was still the last one to blow me away. Despite having used it for several years, Trello still remains the most recent app to genuinely change the way I work and handle information online.
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    Michael Garas
    Michael GarasPepperdine Uni, Founder of HangScope · Written
    It actually finds when you and your friends are free at the same time and sends you a notification so you can spend more time hanging and less time planning!
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    FlippAR Go

    Your AR travel partner

    Abhirup Moitra
    Abhirup MoitraGrowth Hacker @ FlippAR · Written
    Abhirup Moitra made this product
    Has this ever happened to you? 1. You’ve walked around cluelessly at a famous tourist spot because you couldn’t afford the tourist guide’s exorbitant charges 2. You’ve marvelled at the sight of the ruins of an ancient monument and wondered what it looked like in its glory days 3. You’ve come back from a vacation and then realised that you missed out on some interesting sights If you vibe with any of these, then FlippAR Go is just for you!
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    When I Work

    Schedule your employees, track their time

    Rich Peterson
    Rich PetersonBusiness Growth Agency · Written
    One of those products that, if the world used it, the lives of thousands of casual staff would be better (not affiliated but feel the pain).
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    Jon Maximus made this product
    I recommend FeetPort to every organization who looking to maximize their field teams productivity.
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    Trade arbitrage opportunities across 35+ crypto exchanges💰📈

    Jason Flack
    Jason FlackFounder of · Written
    Jason Flack made this product
    Love this product as a tool for crypto traders. The design is visually pleasing and intuitive. *Shameless Plug*
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    Refocus and edit iPhone portrait photos.

    Josselin Colletta
    Josselin CollettaFreelance Interactive Designer · Written
    Amazing app that uses the double camera of the iPhone X like no other. Feels like Lytro, but offers way more options.
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White
    Hannah WhiteMarketing Manager · Written
    Takes the busy work out of work. Game-changing!