Tool to have the first chat (messages, or audio, or maybe video) with a potential client?

I tried google hangouts, but it too much centered in the video, Skype always fails, and I can't seem to find any tool to have the first interaction with a client. Basically I'd need a imessages/whatsapp app, without using my real phone number. or a web-based chat room...
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    Freelancer Stack

    Curated directory of tools used by 10,000+ freelancers

    there's a good list of tools, but nothing for "client communications"
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    Drift 2.0

    A scalable way to talk to your customers

    I guess I'm looking for something like Drift/Meetings
    • Stephen Courtney
      Stephen CourtneyDigital marketing blogger

      My colleague wrote a full article ( about Drift, Intercom and Crisp

      Drift is a great product, but it lacked a few features we wanted

      It also had some problems with loading

    • Richard Daniel
      Richard DanielDashcam and autogadget CEO/expert

      I used it more than 2 months in and I do not recommend it. Why?

      - its slow. Tested via gtmetrix, here is 30-40% more make Ur site more slow

      - default setting for free plan. Here is no tell in description what on your website EVERYtime will be open dialog window for new visitors. And its not possible to disable it for free plan. Do you know how an open chat window infuriates visitors on the first visit? About 20% of the traffic you lose is simply due to this setting. And drift turned ON and default to all free customers.

      - support at free plan. First answer got immediately, next - 2 days, last - here is left 4 days and not answer.

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    Stress-free conference calls

    Marco Di Bree
    Marco Di BreeGrowth at Zengrowth · Written
    really cheap and easy to setup
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    Marco Di Bree
    Marco Di BreeGrowth at Zengrowth · Written
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    An efficient way to collaborate with your client

    AllonMarket Researcher · Written
    Allon made this product
    Hi, Macaw is a simple tool for collaborating with your client. You will able to save all the important conversation or agreements for better tracking for the information during a long project. Hope this help :D