Tool to have the first chat (messages, or audio, or maybe video) with a potential client?

I tried google hangouts, but it too much centered in the video, Skype always fails, and I can't seem to find any tool to have the first interaction with a client. Basically I'd need a imessages/whatsapp app, without using my real phone number. or a web-based chat room...
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    Contracts, invoices, and expenses for digital freelancers

    there's a good list of tools, but nothing for "client communications"
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    Drift Prospector

    Connect with more buyers, faster

    I guess I'm looking for something like Drift/Meetings
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    Stress-free conference calls

    Marco Di BreeGrowth at Zengrowth · Written
    really cheap and easy to setup
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    Marco Di BreeGrowth at Zengrowth · Written
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    An efficient way to collaborate with your client

    AllonMarket Researcher · Written
    Allon made this product
    Hi, Macaw is a simple tool for collaborating with your client. You will able to save all the important conversation or agreements for better tracking for the information during a long project. Hope this help :D