Seb Dancer-Michel
Seb Dancer-MichelCreative developer Intern @ Your Majesty

What are some good, lightweight, open-source alternatives to Google Analytics?

I'm looking to get rid of Google Analytics (too much added loading time for my websites). Do you have any in mind?
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    Open Web Analytics Platform

    Peter Genčur
    Peter GenčurDesigner & Developer · Written
    Deserves to be mentioned as it's around for quite a while. It was recently renamed from Piwik. Not sure about performance side but don't know any other which could compete with Google Analytics feature-wise.
    JKIT Security Nerd, Analog Gamer · Written
    I can't speak for the rebranded version, but piwik was a great analytics solution and paired well with many popular CMS flavors. For example, Dreamhost used to offer it as a one-click goodie for easy management, and it tied in well with WordPress.
    Man Thi Hao
    Man Thi Haohao dang lam nhan vien tai dogomynghebiz · Written
    i will try
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    Fathom Analytics

    Simple, trustworthy website analytics (finally)

    Peter Genčur
    Peter GenčurDesigner & Developer · Written
    Just a few months old, looks promising. Rather simple one.
  3. 24
    Fullstory Free

    Web analytics with full session playback, now free

    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Not sure its lightweight and not sure it counts as an alternative. But Fullstory's free tier has really helped us understand what our users were doing, with no extra cost.
    I would definitely recommend this tool, and would also checkout Heap Analytics (, it's like Google Analytics on steroids.
  4. JK
    JKIT Security Nerd, Analog Gamer · Written
    This appears to be a potentially respectable alternative to Pi wik
  5. Armin Nikdel
    Armin Nikdelfounder, developer · Written
    It is not Open Source, but their code is minified and optimized and it only load after your website is fully loaded, therefor it does not slow down or add any additional time to website loading time. Hitsteps free forever plan is suitable for most startups during their early stages.
  6. Kevin Coyle
    Kevin Coyledata scientist · Written
    Scalable and great documentation :)
  7. 1
    Countly Analytics

    Open source, enterprise mobile & web analytics platform

    Gorkem Cetin
    Gorkem CetinProduct guy. Passionate maker & helper · Written
    Gorkem Cetin made this product
    You can use Countly as a self hosted solution for your web, mobile and desktop apps. Community Edition is downloadable from Github:
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    Capture everything and measure instantly.

    Reasons why I would suggest using Heap over Google Analytics: 1) They have automatic event tracking. So every pageview, click, form submission are tracked without additional work. 2) The Event Visualizer feature is a work of art and makes things 10x easier to create custom events. 3) They offer better insight in visitor tracking, and you don't need to set up custom configurations like you do in Google Analytics. I would also checkout this link for a deeper comparison between Google Analytics and Heap Analytics –
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    Behavioral analytics for marketing & product teams

    Indicative is great for mapping customer journeys and flows plus the free plan offers up to 1 Billion user actions/month. Much deeper insights than GA
  10. Angelina
    AngelinaAffiliate marketer · Written
    Great pick for inspiration