SanshiroCEO from Aloha Creativos

Is there an app to make videos like's?

They have a lot of video production, i was wondering if there is an app to make it easy, not adobe after, something more easy like adobe spark
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  1. Jp ValeryCSM @ · Written
    Works great and it's free. Turn a blog post in a video in a couple of minutes
  2. 7

    Make your own marketing videos online

    David Macías made this product
    Videolean is an easy way to make videos from any URL or based on professional templates.
  3. Tried a few years ago, it lets you combine your videos with songs from your Spotify (how cool is that)
  4. Timur DaudpotaCo-founder of & · Written
    Check out they help you create content like Vox media, Buzzfeed, Tasty and more.