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    The Hustle

    Vice meets Fast Company

    Ryan Hoover80Founder, Product Hunt ยท Written
    The Hustle has a great tone and isn't afraid to be brutally honest about what's happening in tech.
    Adrian Craigco-founder, CEO of Llama ยท Written
    General tech and business headlines. Great tone, short and sweet.
    This is the only newsletter I wait for.
  2. Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter for managers of software teams, focused on trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling dev teams.
    Aaron SilvermanCode Slinger at VideoBlocks ยท Written
    As a manager of a development team, Engineering Impact has some of the most useful content I come across.
    Great insights for managing software development teams!
  3. 81

    Daily email analysis on tech biz and strategy

    James EllisEmployer Brand Maven ยท Written
    Agree. And the Exponent Podcast is a good compliment to it.
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    Aleksandra5Maker @ Tealosophy, Supergirls ยท Written
    Definitely my fav!
  4. 69
    The Journal, Issue #1 - by Kevin Rose

    Monthly newsletter w/ products reviews, podcasts, articles

    Michael NethProduct Designer/Dev, Callcap ยท Written
    Kevin sends out a highly curated newsletter each month with great recommendations and insider knowledge. It the only email newsletter I make sure to open as soon as I get it.
    Anna RoginskaIdea architect, Habit8 ยท Written
    Love it, and look forward to it every month. The writing is concise and hits all the notes you want.
    Kyle ReedJack Randall - Men's Clothing Boutique ยท Written
    Always get excited for the first of the month because I know there will be a new version of the Journal.
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    Benedict Evans Newsletter

    Great newsletter for tech, mobile, trends, data, and news

    Definitely my favorite tech news newsletter. Super concise and informative.
    Wade JohnstonLexicards.com, VP ยท Written
    This is the only one I read every week. I even tagged it as important so gmail doesn't send it into the ether. Great weekly summary of interesting tech, media and social news
    VinayDigital Strategist ยท Written
    I'm not a big fan of the newsletter but this is the only one that I subscribe to. Very crisp and direct to the point.
    • Mark M. WhelanFounder, Fellow and Executive Coach

      First class insights, he cuts through the noise and hype and identifies what's happening and perhaps more importantly often intimates what will happen.

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    Daily summary of current events in your inbox

    Emily Hodgins6Operations @ Product Hunt ยท Edited
    I love the personable way theSkimm is written providing an overview of the days events in easy to digest, and fun to read bites.
    Kyle ReedJack Randall - Men's Clothing Boutique ยท Written
    Read this every morning. Great breakdown of the previous days events and what everyone is talking about.
    KellyConsultant, Cumberland Consulting Group ยท Written
    Love theSkimm - witty, fun, quick read that keeps me up-to-date on everything that I need to know.
  7. 38

    The day's most fascinating news!

    Jeff GreenbergFilmgeek. Tech geek. Father. ยท Written
    When I skip everything - this is the *one thing* that is a must glance. Dave Pell personally curates and summarizes (with links) today's news. Seriously the best way to get a clear view of today's events.
    Matt ZieminskiDiagnostician, iFixit.com ยท Written
    Dave gives his (sometimes) snarky take on the events of the day with a touch of humor that brightens the reporting.
    Anna RoginskaIdea architect, Habit8 ยท Written
    I consistently get fun surprises with content, esp. the bottom half of the email content. Super well written.
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    Mattermark Daily

    A curated newsletter of blog posts from investors & founders

    Saul Fleischman3RiteKit Founder & CEO ยท Written
    I skip past the "From the Startup Investors" section entirely. After all, these are either silver-spoon trust fund babies or those how cashed out big in 2003 and have been throwing around their weight, killing more startups than they are aiding, and keep on doing so until they perish. Instead, @thinker's curated posts in the "From the Operators" section, below is quite good. Good, also, for seeing what the powers-that-be in The Valley believe is politically correct. E.g. there's a whole lot of bias for the "save the women," etc. that are actually initiatives fueled by the needs of investors, who must cleanse themselves of the impression that actually, they do not support innovation, they are all about making billionaires of millionaires.
    Aleksandra5Maker @ Tealosophy, Supergirls ยท Written
    This i a great curated newsletter that I read daily to catch up on the news and get insights on entrepreneurship, investments and the startup ecosystems.
    Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug ยท Written
    I am reading Mattermark for a long time now, a good variety on startups, investors, customers, sales, marketing, and so many aspects of business areas. I love the variety and consistency, and of course the way it has evolved gradually.
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    Financial news explained in 3 minutes in a daily e-mail

    Andrew Ettinger4๐Ÿ‘Ÿ @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt ยท Written
    Daily financial news in a no-BS, no-jargon way, that you can actually understand.
    Anders KravisHead of Product at Finimize ยท Written
    All the cool kids are reading it
    ethanacquisition / growth for @mvmtwatches ยท Written
    Been a long time finimize-r, love it for it's easy to follow financial news. I wanted more knowledge of the space and this has drastically helped my understanding of the financial world.
  10. galvinwFounder of Lauretta.io ยท Written
    A famous newsletter format. Honest opinions backed by one of the most reliable data sources in startup valuations.
    CB Insights newsletter has clarity of analyses, impeccable data sanity, and the most interesting splices and dices of information from the startup and the VC world. The clear and concise way in which Anand Sanwal and co. draft the newsletter leaves a personal touch marks a personal touch to the reader.
  11. 24
    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more โœจ

    Must read newsletter of what's happening in tech, every weekday. Lots of emojis and GIFs. Subscribe ๐Ÿ’Œ producthunt.com/newsletter ๐Ÿ’Œ
    • Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Product Hunt 4.0 is the best that has happened to Product Hunt yet. Easily one of my most favorite websites these days, and I see myself coming back daily to maintain my streak. I am at a 20 day streak now and I hope to see badges evolve with daily streaks - some sort of perks for people coming more often?

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    • RamyFounder @ Letterfuel

      This update is super useful for people deciding whether or not to use a product. Sometime you want to do a deep dive into a product before deciding whether or not to use it.

      The "๐Ÿ˜ป reviews" feature, as well as the "๐Ÿ”— Around the Web" section makes this deep dive super easy.

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  12. Tarun GangwaniProduct, dev.twitch.tv ยท Written
    Ina Fried (veteren tech journalist Re/Code, WSJ, CNet) provides a simple, 5 minute read on tech topics everyday in the morning. The entire thing is like a TL;DR for the day prior, providing quick witted takes on what's going on in the tech industry. Ina sometimes features a 2-3 question interview from someone interesting, in a unique, succinct format I haven't seen before.
    Kevin Lou6Founder, Anytable ๐Ÿœ ยท Written
    Reading Login in the morning + Techmeme throughout the day is the perfect amount of tech reading!
  13. Short,Inspiring, Informative, and relevant.
    V.S.VIVEKUnoccupied ยท Written
    One of the best written short format content ever to be generated.
    Lenka IstvanovaDigital Marketing Athlete ยท Written
    Best email ever!
  14. Matt KiserFounder โ€“ WTF Just Happened Today ยท Written
    The best damn future of technology, business models, political economy & society newsletter
    Emily Veachwriter @Feedly ยท Written
    Weekly newsletter with meticulously curated (and really smart) takes on the future of technology. Real, digestible stories about science...AI...future of transportation...morality... Some of it is well over my head, but that's a good thing. I've learned a lot from Azeem and the other subscribers! Check out the podcast too.
    Nak KohHelp 41 yrs old healthcare startup in MN ยท Written
    Highly recommend this! Great weekly newsletter with detailed and thoughtful curation.
  15. 19

    The world's largest Startup Launch Platform

    Stephanie NewtonWord Nerd + Copy Wrangler ยท Edited
    Startups.co publishes the Startups Daily Newsletter every Monday through Friday. Inside is a TL;DR of useful advice and relevant stories for entrepreneurs at every stage in the game.
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    Designer News

    Hacker News for designers

    Zaid EdrisUI/UX Designer ยท Written
    Designer News has got a good newsletter that presents the best stories about design published last week on Designer News.
  17. 12
    Hot Pod

    A weekly newsletter all about podcasts

    Shaun TrenneryFounder X&Go ยท Written
    Reliable, thoughtful news and analysis on the emerging on-demand audio industry.
  18. 12

    5 curated design links, every day

    Tanmay Desaiwill always go the extra mile. ยท Written
    Best design resources.
    Andreas Wagnerlooking for..........๐Ÿ˜Ž ยท Written
    really good stuff.... always
  19. Gui AlvimBarulho Bom ยท Written
    Daily newsletter for us, curious. You can choose to receive the nl of specific areas: tech, media, fashion, sports, music.
    Kevin DwinnellDir. Prod & Strategy, Taivara ยท Written
    Big fan of MediaREDEF. Wide range of topics including tech and entertainment. Gives a wide perspective of what's worth reading now.
  20. Sean SteigerwaldFounder and newsletterer @ Malartu.co ยท Written
    Thoughtful, entertaining rundown of the biggest news in tech, what's new in private market investing, and tips for growing your business.
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