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What is the best way to share your inbox with your team?

Looking for opinions on the best tools to share an inbox. Outlook does it and there are some third party tools. What does everyone use?
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    Sortd for Gmail

    Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

    Rodney Kuhn
    Rodney KuhnCo-founder Sortd · Written
    Rodney Kuhn made this product
    A great way to transform email into a shared workspace.
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    Front 1.0

    Collaborate on customer email and more as a team

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    The best shared inbox for teams platform at the moment.
  3. 32
    Drag Team

    The simplest way to share emails as a team.

    Nick Timms
    Nick TimmsDrag 2.0 is live today (16th April)! · Written
    Nick Timms made this product
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    You can generate link fo emails and work together with mail.
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    Gmelius transforms Gmail into your company’s workspace

    Lina Yakunina
    Lina YakuninaMarketing Officer @Gmelius · Written
    Lina Yakunina made this product
    By sharing your inbox (or only specific labels) with Gmelius you can assign emails to your colleagues, manage your team’s workflow and collaborate on various projects right from your inbox. No need to share your password of forward emails back and forth.
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    Increase qualified demos for your sales team

    If your team is on Slack, then Scribe is the way to go! We have a sales inbox that is shared with our sales, marketing and support team, via a Slack channel. Scribe let's you reply to emails via Slack itself. This gives us all visibility, let's us assign the right emails to the right person, and also increases our response time exponentially! (Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of Scribe. Our newest product that I'm describing is in open beta - and we haven't done a PH launch, yet :))
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    Help Scout 2.0

    Help desk software for a more human & helpful experience

    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO | Digital Strategist · Written
    Using HelpScout for a long time, its super easy and intuitive to use. You can easily create multiple mailboxes for each email address, which makes it easier to work across platforms and manage several clients from a single account with your teammates.
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    Enabling teams to manage shared conversations and tasks

    Good recommendation!! This is such a cool A-I-O product that helps you to manage collaboration in works.
    Abhinav Marla
    Abhinav MarlaProduct manager, Clientflow · Written
    Abhinav Marla made this product
    This is cool way to collaborate on shared email conversations and tasks with your team at one place. What's great is that there is a layer of client management on top of your shared Inbox which allows to to keep a track of all client conversations in one place. The Pre-built message templates are great for recurring client communication and the ability to send custom branded Approval requests via email to clients is a pretty useful feature.
    Its very easy to use and interactive. I have used a lot of products before but ClientFlow clearly beats them all with a big margin. Easy to collaborate with teams and clients and track your time you are spending on a task/project. Highly recommended.
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    Email collaboration platform to manage shared inboxes

    Ganesh Mukundan
    Ganesh MukundanSaaS and Burger enthusiast · Written
    Hiver helps you manage shared inboxes in a seamless way. Unlike other tools, it works on top of Gmail which means your teams don't have to migrate to a new tool. You can get started in a few minutes as the UI (Gmail) is as familiar as it gets. It's easy-to-use, scalable and comes with a free trial.
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    Missive 2.0

    The one app for email and chat

    Nathan Gathright
    Nathan GathrightCreator of PodLink · Written
    Missive is a collaborative email app that's great for sharing your inbox or threaded chats related to email conversations.