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What are the best apps for email management?

Our business is receiving a few customer service emails a day. What are the simplest tools to track these?
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    Free In-depth email tracking for salespeople

    Used Mailtrack and MixMax before it, but now love Docsify more and more! They can improve "send later" feature but the design and interface is almost perfect!
    Found it on PH, agree about send later but their snippets are something awesome.
    Man Thi Hao
    Man Thi Haohao dang lam nhan vien tai dogomynghebiz Β· Written
    vote, best app
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    Sortd for Gmail

    Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

    Rodney Kuhn
    Rodney KuhnCo-founder Sortd Β· Written
    Rodney Kuhn made this product
    Offers a visual drag and drop workspace, email tracking, notes, reminder and the ability to manage sales, hiring, operations ... all-in-one product
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    Task management inside Gmail

    Raj Esh
    Raj EshAccountant Β· Written
    Works flawless , and possibly the only app that works with delegated gmail accounts.
  4. Aysha Ayub
    Aysha AyubDigital Marketing Analyst Β· Written
    Hey, Jordan There are many simple email tracking tools and contact management softwares available in the market. One such tool I would recommend is Agile CRM. The customer service emails you receive can are labeled as tickets. These tickets are sent to your Gmail integrated to the CRM allowing you to monitor and assign the tasks automatically. This is done in a systemic and organized fashion. Agile CRM's Helpdesk ticket automates the process by defining ticket priorities, status, and route them to the appropriate support rep. It's assured that all the received emails meet their service requirement with live chats and support groups. The ticket creation feature allows the customer to create a new ticket for the support. Tracking the closed tickets, resolved customer issues can be checked in helpdesk analytics.
  5. Sruti Raizada made this product
    I recommend Salesmate CRM as the best app for email management as it can sync with your email accounts including Gmail and also offers email tracking, notes, reminder and the ability to manage sales, and other customer conversation in one single place. You also have an option to scheduling emails and automated response as per the requirements. Know more:
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    Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support.

    easily turns them into customer service tickets
    Our team are using this from long time and its make our daily sales marketing tasks so easy
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    Missive 3.0

    Team communication app now supporting FB, Twitter & SMS

    Philippe Lehoux made this product
    Best app to collaborate around your inbox! Assign emails to your teammates, create tasks, snooze, etc... You can even include social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook Pages, Twilio, etc.)
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    Polymail 2.0

    Email collaboration for teams.

    Our team uses Polymail at IG-Technologies. Awesome. Big upgrade from Outlook and Spark
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    Gmelius transforms Gmail into your company’s workspace

    Gmelius is the perfect way for us to manage our customers inside Gmail. Don't need any other help desk softwares.
  10. Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer Β· Edited
    This tool provides end-to-end email management. For your situation, its email tracking, contact management and service automation features would suit the best. It is very simple to use, even its onboarding is free. Its contact management feature provides: Email integration & Third-party email sync: You can sync your emails (Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365) to communicate with your customers. This email integration lets you send and receive emails from your CRM, without ever leaving your dashboard. Attach necessary documents and track emails opened and links clicked. Hence, you can interact with your customers with automated email campaigns. Contact Timeline: With this, you can maintain a log of contact activity, emails exchanged, content viewed, social updates and more. Here is the official website link: Hope I helped! :)
  11. nabiha
    nabihafuture tech startup founder Β· Written
    I can't believe no one has recommended Superhuman yet, it's the best tool for email management imo! ✨ Superhuman is a powerful, beautiful email client that is built to make you insanely productive and effective at managing email. Some features that would specifically help you with customer service emails: πŸ”” Reminders: When you send an email, choose a time (ex. 2 days), and get reminded to follow-up. Follow-up on time, every time. πŸ’¬ Snippets: Instantly insert phrases, paragraphs, or whole emails. Type less & do more. πŸ“ͺ Split Inbox: Custom split your inbox between VIP (be responsive to specific senders), Team ( to:me), News (catch up with focus). πŸ‘€ Read Statuses: See when people read your emails and use this to respond with brilliant timing. Superhuman has singlehandedly increased my productivity in email more than 10x - same for a ton of other users (check out their Twitter page). Hope this helps! :)
  12. Al Ramich (CEO
    Al Ramich (CEO, Marketing and Tech Β· Written is a virtual assistant platform that organizes your connected world. The product is in BETA but it focuses on aggregating all your email and organizing and prioritizing automatically using AI.
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    I use this for both my work and personal email. I think it is probably the only app that has made tracking and scheduling completely free. Plus they have a clear plan to charge for templates. Loving it.
  14. I highly recommend DOcsify as it has a dashboard which helps to keep a track record. We have used this tool in AeroLeads for tracking email campaign during a launch of our new product. It is one of best tools with the feature like scheduling email, open rate etc. and also with the great interface.
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    Email Marketing Platform - Create and send better campaigns

    Julia Petrikova
    Julia PetrikovaMarketing Executive Β· Written
    Using it for our startup needs and it's an amazing tool with many features.