Sarah Quesada
Sarah QuesadaProject Manager: Techie - Maker - Hunter

Is there any app for adding watermarks on IG photos?

I'm looking to create a personal brand and protect my pics on Instagram, is there any app for doing that?
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  1. Arjun Paliath
    Arjun PaliathFreshchat @Freshworks · Written
    As far as I can tell, it is the best Camera app on the market place. It is updated regularly with new and great features and it supports the latest iPhone 7 Plus with dual cams as well. You get sort of a mini DSLR with this app. Try it out. :)
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    Post awesome quotes in seconds

    RomainCEO, Ubicolor · Written
    Romain made this product
    Hi Sarah, I made Motiv8 recently to add text on photos for iG and other platforms. It comes with 2000 quotes, some pictures and the ability to make and save posts for later + a hashtag list so you can copy your 30# in one tap. The app is free and the watermark option is $1.99. hope this helps! (working on a tinder-like UI right now..)