Serge Herkül
Serge HerkülI build things @teamweek & @scaledrone

Which service could I use to manage the product team's work

I'm looking for a tool that would help us plan out new features from ideas to execution. This would mean sharing the latest designs, ideas & such. Ideally, we could give a polished product spec from that tool to the dev team.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Jessi Lu
    Jessi Lu14Change the future. · Written
    We use our own tool Zenkit for everything. Because of its different views and the flexibility it fits all your needs. I would recommend starting with the mind map for brainstorming than switch to the kanban board to use the same items to work on. Assign tasks to your colleagues and use the mention feature to communicate with each other. It´s cloud-based so you can upload all sorts of files like pictures, drive documents...
    • Using Zenkit for a few months now and can't see myself going back to my old tool. The team has done a phenominal job of building an application that addresses the need of power users, light users, and everything in between.

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    • Edited my review to reflect the awesome response time to problem I encountered. Incredible, hard working team and their app reflects the care and dedication they have put into Zenkit. Keep up the great work, Zenkit!

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    Lean project management for startups & small teams

    Marcel Folaron
    Marcel FolaronCEO & Co-founder · Written
    Marcel Folaron made this product
    Leantime was developed with that exact workflow in mind. You can manage your product specs using the lean canvas, collect ideas on idea boards and plan your roadmap.
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    Nifty Project Management

    All-in-One Project Management Workspace.

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    Never used it but UI and layout look slick.
    • Felix Molina
      Felix MolinaCEO, City Scout

      I really want to like this PM and possibly leave Flow, but how do you justify $79/month when it's beyond limited. No iOS app, no Mac app, no duplicating tasks, etc., I understand it's BETA, but how does someone justify the price for such a limited tool?

    • Seán Marsh ✌️
      Seán Marsh ✌️Ethical Business Designer

      Really wanted to love this as the functionality would meet a bunch of my needs, but the execution just doesn't match the expectation set by the branding.

      Setting styles in the Doc feature is just plain busted. Closing edited docs doesn't always save, with no button to force a save, therefore creating confusion.

      The bottom nav layout is awesome, because it's got all things within easy reach - granular tasks, high level overview and all the rest.

      Overall, underwhelmed by this and kinda sad it didn't meet the needs I thought it would.

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    Organize anything, together

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    Easy to map your process in Trello. Many third-party integrations (power-ups) help you get more from the platform.
    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      Brilliant for managing all your project backlogs in a Kanban fashion. Including a list for the DIY tasks around the house.

      As a Marketer I use this daily to manage workflow, sort ideas around future content and prioritize my activities. My team collaborate and report using handy integrations with Google and we use it as a Customer service and Sales script repository to store links to docs and how-to videos.

    • Johnathan Holland
      Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

      If you aren't an organized person Trello allows for easy to see visuals that help keep projects on track. The team at Curexe has specifically used it to organize our bugs, new features, staging and production stages of our development.