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What is the best Drag and Drop tool (for visual bookmarking/pictures)?

I have been frantically searching for a drag and drop bookmarking tool for pictures I can save from articles, blogs, web etc. It needs to be stable, functional and easy to use. For example, (for bookmarks) is a wonderful tool for websites. I don´t mind paying, as long as it is good :) I just need the pictures collected in one place... It would be amazing if it was integrated with Dropbox (for backup), Evernote etc. I have tried several apps like Droplr (didnt like the online look), CloudApp (does not work like I want it), Niice (never really worked) and Dragdis (Really like Dragdis with its pop out menu and folder option, but it seems like an abandoned project now). Any good advice? I´m only asking now because this search has been going on for quite some time now. Thank you so much fellow Product Hunters. Steffen
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    The new NoteLedge
    Lillian MilesJAVA Developer Logistik (m/w/d) · Written
    One of my favorite apps for mutli-media drag and drop is NoteLedge. A handy web-clipper tool allows you to import videos, images and tables. You can also save a whole web-page as a note, and managing all of your documents is very easy - everything is organized by folders so there's no time wasted searching for something. I find NoteLedge both useful and fun to use - I can make my notes super creative with pictures, hand sketches and stickers. It's a good app for students and people of all ages.
    Deniel FascoMiddle Software Developer · Written
    This app works really well for creating visual bookmarks - the web-clipper feature is a fast way to get web content and keep it organized.
    I use this app for gathering web inspiration (Pinterest, Houzz, etc) and the available web clipper tool makes it quite easy to do so.
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    Luca HalmaCo-founder, Noow · Written
    I mostly just use Pinterest :)
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    All your stuff in one simple, visual, private place.

    о.Creative at DMNSNS · Written
    Maybe this one? But I'm not sure about Dropbox support.
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