Tejas Kinger
Tejas KingerSaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc

What is the best tool to monitor mentions on the internet as well as social media?

I'm looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to monitor mentions of my company on the internet as on social media in real time.
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    Keep track of your brand online.

    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski35Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    I eat our own dog food so I might by biased, but you could take Brand24 for a spin. We collect mentions from social media as well as news sites, blogs, forums, and message boards. Historical data is limited though, and the tool works pro-actively so if you want to measure the results of a marketing campaign, for instance, it's best to set up a monitoring project before the launch. You also mentioned cost-effective - there are three pricing plans to choose from, starting from $49 per month. As far as real-time aspect is concerned, it gets even better with a Slack integration (if you use Slack obviously :)).
    • Mateusz Kurleto
      Mateusz KurletoTech entrepreneur and investor @Neoteric

      A great tool that helps me understand where and how people discuss certain topics like "Alternative to [MyCompetitorName]", "How to [Solve the problem I sell a solution to]" so I can engage personally and try to convert.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @ pickSaaS.com

      Brand24 is a great app, especially if you're a business prone to any type of social media critics (like every type of business, nowadays?). It's just a much better way to know what people are saying about your brand then searching it through Google.

  2. Lizaveta Salianik
    Lizaveta SalianikCustomer Care Manager, Dream Support · Written
    Very helpful in monitoring all public opinion about the product, not only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as delivers several types of analytical reports which, when used properly, can result in substantial sale boost
    Carlos Alvarez
    Carlos Alvarez#Designer #Crypto #Marketing · Written
    Easy to use and very affordable.
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    Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

    Jan Matern
    Jan MaternCEO, Emerge Education · Written
    Works like a dream with Slack
  4. Pavel Maloș
    Pavel MaloșGrowth Hacker @ Bootstrapbay.com · Written
    It's easy to use and has nice features including real-time brand monitoring. Good for content marketing