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How to get media accounts and personal (journalists, bloggers) to review your app?

I am looking to enhance my company's online marketing presence, and increase exposure. Media accounts and personal are usually overwhelmed with content and are forced to turn their nose to my inquiry. Need tips/tricks to get these accounts to notice/review my product.
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    Brand24 Mobile App 2.0

    Online mentions relevant to your brand at your fingertips.

    Omer Molad
    Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    Get instant access to online mentions, grow customer satisfaction and sales.
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    Press Pages by Upbeat

    Easy and automatically updated press pages for your company

    Ricky Yean
    Ricky YeanFlow Club. Stanford/YC alum. · Written
    Ricky Yean made this product
    Hey Stewie, everyone's fighting information overload these days especially if you have "influence" (e.g. journalists, bloggers, YouTubers). It comes down to giving people many opportunities to consider talking about you, which is essentially "pitching." First step is to set up a press page to highlight why you are interesting and demonstrate some credibility if you have previous coverage. That's a go-to resource for any journalist or blogger looking to cover you. I recommend Press Pages by Upbeat. Besides setting up a Press Page, if you want to move forward with pitching your story to journalists or even explore the possible stories you may have that could be interesting (the more the better), I recommend our primary service at Upbeat.
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    Press Kite

    Create A Free Press Kit For Your Startup 💌

    Chris Frantz
    Chris Frantz · Written
    Chris Frantz made this product
    This tool is a free and easy way to start getting press for your startup! Build a free press kit and utilize the other included tools to build a comprehensive strategy to start getting press placements.