Ishwar JhaCEO @Appetals | Product Evangelist

What's some of good apps for identifying, matching, interviewing and recruiting rockstar team?

Hiring a right resource is becoming challenging. I want to know the products beyond the job portals that helps startup business in hiring process.
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    Hire engineers by measuring their ability, not credentials

    Brian Leecode monkey @ theymadethat · Written
    Triplebyte focuses on skill and it's a decent substitute for whiteboard coding.
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    Make your recruitment personal and effective

    Thomas GoijartsFounder @ Caro Health · Written
    Hands down best recruitment tool out there - besides their stellar ATS, they also offer a lot of great resources / insights. Make sure to check out 'The Art of Work'. Killer product, dito team. ✌️
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    UProc for LinkedIn

    Improve your LinkedIn account for free

    Miquel ColomerCEO @ Killia Technologies, UProc · Written
    Miquel Colomer made this product
    UProc for LinkedIn probably will help you to find out contact details of your future rockstar team for free.
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    Use simulations to hire the right people in 4 days, not 40

    With Vervoe, you don't have to sift through hundreds of resumes!
  5. Ramesh GhimireStartup entrepreneur. · Written
    It has a funnel stages (like in CRM), You can discover, message and connect with potential team member, as well as publish job postings, share, shortlist etc. You can also integrate your ATP if you use any.
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    Practice mock interview to perfect tech job interview

    Ishwar JhaCEO @Appetals | Product Evangelist · Written
    Here is an interesting NLP/AI powered app to practice mock interview before actual job interview for software developers
  7. Richard RizkCTO of Blackbox · Written
    Richard Rizk made this product
    Great tool to keep track of interviews, get automatically meeting minutes and 1-click search to retrace any moment of a conversation.
  8. Muhammad HaseebA computer scientist with inventions. · Written
    Muhammad Haseeb made this product
    I think your hunt should end here on HireBolt. HireBolt can help you to source, engage and hire the best talent. Loaded with everything you need to manage recruitment at your fingertips and stay productive every day.
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    Interactive Coach for Tech Interviews.

    Sumeet MInternet Marketer · Written
    A complete solution for all your hiring needs!