Radu Bordei
Radu BordeiDeveloper, Founder and good guy ;)

How do you validate your idea quickly without building MVP?

Hi all, I'm asking because I recently read an article called '12 Startups in 12 Months' by Pieter Levels and I want to know if someone tried that strategy and that if it really works?
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Naeem@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
@radu_bordei I run a $15k MRR product that doesn't have a line of code written yet (put it together in a day or two). Zapier is my secret weapon - you'll be surprised the amount of crazy stuff you can build with it.
Artemi Krymski
Artemi Krymski@ak102 · YC Alumni
@radu_bordei @heynaeem that’s a great story! Care to share which of your products that is?
Marcel Folaron
Marcel Folaron@marcelfolaron · CEO & Co-founder Leantime.io
@radu_bordei You can use the lean canvas and conduct user interviews. First, find your customer (answering which group of people and industry you want to solve a problem for). Second, talk to these people; ask them about their job/process/struggles (their problems) and let them speak. Then ideate solutions. Build a landing page and see if a solution resonates with your customers. Edited: typos
Kimberley Williams
Kimberley Williams@kimberleywilliams · Product Manager at Soldo
@radu_bordei @marcelfolaron Landing pages are suggested by General Assembly courses too!
Laveen Jethani
Laveen Jethani@laveenj · Manager, Deloitte
@radu_bordei try invision clickables. you can create screens and have users click through experience of the product without actually building the product. I feel it is closest to a MVP.
Kimberley Williams
Kimberley Williams@kimberleywilliams · Product Manager at Soldo
@radu_bordei Try testing your assumptions by talking with target customers and test the use case of your idea by user testing with basic wireframes.
Jose Fernandez-Aragon
Jose Fernandez-Aragon@josefernandezaragon
@radu_bordei read The Mom Test to know how to ask the questions in the least biased way. Problem discovery is crucial in the first stages, but you should be ultra careful to not sell what you think is the solution.
Radu Bordei
Radu Bordei@radu_bordei · Developer, Founder and good guy ;)
@josefernandezaragon Woow, it seems to be interesting book. Thanks for recommendation. Hope that help ))
Rob Hartley
Rob Hartley@robghartley · Co-Founder, Dinghy
@radu_bordei - wireframes and landing pages are a good way to test customer engagement. For instance a landing page with Paid Ads to drive visitors is how I've tested several products in the past. You can also A/B test and see what resonates with your customers. Also, as @josefernandezaragon said, be careful when interviewing people and asking what they want. For instance if you ask "Do you care about features or price" you'll find a lot of people reply "features"; but in reality they care about "price"; they don't tell you this because they don't want you to think they are penny pinchers! Be sure to read the book he's suggested - it's a good one.
Ezekiel Saturday💻 @ A quiet place
Ezekiel Saturday💻 @ A quiet place@codefingers · Software developer & Real Crowd Pleaser
@radu_bordei I read a great material about this once on quora i think you will find it helpful too https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-v...
Fredi Fernández
Fredi Fernández@fredi · Head of Product - Atamai.us
@radu_bordei sorry Radu, I didn't read it but answering your question, there is good material on how to do customer discovery interviews by Justin Wilcox. A great way, also is to put your designs together as a prototype in Invision and let stakeholders play with it. Ask the right questions, observe. When you start getting consistent answers and you actually can predict or identify a trend related to your customer pains, then is time to build the mvp. Best of Luck!!!
Radu Bordei
Radu Bordei@radu_bordei · Developer, Founder and good guy ;)
@fredi Thank you!
Andy Dobrucki
Andy Dobrucki@andy_dobrucki · Founder, Product Owner & Agile Coach
@radu_bordei did see the same article and it inspired me a lot I remember. Nomadlist was validated through a Google spreadsheet. This shows how much of an overkill startup founders do when trying to deliver MVP that is in fact a refined product. For any software business I would definitely use anything BUT working software to validate its business case.
R. Demol
R. Demol@_rdemol · Co-fonder MySocialApp & Sirdata
@radu_bordei depends on what is your product. Build a landing page with A/B testing is still the best solution using Hotjar for example. To get traffic buy Facebook ads is pretty efficient. For example lot of our clients build MVP using MySocialApp to build MVP of large scale community.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@radu_bordei In the past i've thrown $100 at google adwords over 24 hours and see how many people click the add.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@radu_bordei For clarity, to do this you need to set your monthly budget at something crazy like $5000 but then only run the ad for one day.
Jonathan Wylie
Jonathan Wylie@jwglidr · VP of Product @ GLIDR.IO.
@radu_bordei All of these answers focus on software-powered digital experiences. Are you thinking of digital or tangible? For tangible objects, try making a cheap prototype using a 3D printer. Then conduct a few in-person, 1-on-1 interviews with the prototype. Explore the problem statement with them *before* you show them the prototype.
Affif Siddique
Affif Siddique@saffif · Stir Things Up!
@radu_bordei for what's it worth I recently used ideacheck.io to validate my idea with a very narrow selected target audiences. I was surprised with the responses and feedback I received. Their reporting also gives you pretty good details as well. I saw they have different options so you can really scale your testing.
Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia@villaumbrosia · Founder of Product School
Nice question! Effective user research can be a short cut here. Once you have quantitative and qualitative data, you're no longer just guessing. Some tips https://www.productschool.com/bl...
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