Mathieu RenaudTech entrepreneur and Product Designer

What's the best desktop app to take screenshots of webpages?

Either I want to screenshot the whole page, or an area of it, it's always complicated :/
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  1. Ria BlagburnHead of Transformation, Vanti · Written
    I use the Chrome Extension Awesome Screenshot, which can capture part of a web page or the whole thing, then lets you add annotations. It's not a desktop app, so sorry if that's a dealbreaker!
  2. AroonCo-Founder Realmonkey & UI/UX designer · Written
    Best tool around and you can save images and screenshots very easily
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    CloudApp 4.0

    Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    CloudApp! This is one of my most used/favorite apps. I pay for an upgraded subscription to it. Makes taking screenshots/annotating/sharing very easy. Highly recommend. I work with a mostly remote dev team and it makes it very easy to share screenshots of what we're working on. (I also use it for sharing parts of a webpage in tweets)
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    Workflow by Loom

    Record & share quick videos. Now with powerful integrations.

    Kenn KellyCo-Founder, Never Settle · Written
    It's everything you're asking for and more. While it's video based it saves to the cloud and because it's video you can show the exact part of the screen you want whether that's the whole page scrolling, multiple pages, or just part of a page.
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    A faster way to take screencasts Free + GIF Support

    Try recordit, you can take screenshots or make a video (gif) with one button and it will automatically provide you a custom url that you can share (you can also save the screenshot or video gif)...really minimalistic and lightweight