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What design-library tool could I use to replace Ember?

Years ago, I used the app Ember (by Realmac) to organize a library of a few thousand PNGs, screen-recordings, GIFs, PDFs, and other portfolio/inspiration/record-your-favorite-interaction-design-bits. It was a core reference tool when I was designing something: “hey, computer: show me every cool loading state that I’ve bothered to save”, or “hey computer: pull up all of the items tagged [illustration]” Unfortunately, Ember is officially gone, and it currently crashes on macOS High Sierra — so after going through a lengthy export process, I’ve got a folder with 3,000+ media files, and no organization. What tool(s) should I check out as a 2018 version of Ember? My requirements are: - it has to be a local-to-my-Mac app. Nothing in the cloud; I want native, local-to-my-machine speed. - I’d like it to be a one-time price of less-than-$100, or a subscription that’s not more than $50/year - I don’t need much for organization, but I do need the ability to add names, descriptions, and tags — as well as the ability to organize my assets into folders. What’s out there?
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