Benjamin PowellFounder & Startup Infomaniac

I'm looking for a service that will show a popup or banner on my site, based on the referral URL

EG: I want a special offer to show only visitors from Product hunt. I tried RefferalBar, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Like 's "sticky Bar" but not $80 a month.
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  1. PolWeb developer · Written
    Free and open source !
    Anand ChowdharyOswald Labs CEO / Forbes 30 Under 30 · Written
    Anand Chowdhary made this product
    You can easily do a banner based on referrer with the open-source hello-bar! You can also do targeting based on geolocation, A/B tests, etc., and it's 100% free and open-source. :)
  2. Benjamin PowellFounder & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    Its $29 a month does the basic needs.
    Guillaume BardetWorking on · Written
    That was the one I was going to suggest! Quite simple and nice to use.
  3. 1

    All-in-one bar for your website

    Guillaume BardetWorking on · Written
    Here is another good one that recently launched.
  4. 1

    7 most important website widgets in a single app 👊

    Benjamin PowellFounder & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    Ive also started using this one too, a little cheaper but pretty solid an app.