Alternative to Insert Text / Canned Response for Gmail Templates

I've been using 'insert text' chrome extension for a couple of years now and found it great until recently. There are some bugs and it doesn't look like its going to be resolved anytime soon. Basically, I want to hold a lot of email templates/responses that can be organized into different folders or has a search feature so it's easy to find the appropriate text I need.... I've tried Gorgias and a couple of other ones from the chrome extension store.. They didn't work out, gorgias would be good, but the search feature isn't reliable. Any recommendations?
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    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    Guillaume BardetWorking on · Written
    Mixmax has templates, I am quite sure you don't need a paid plan to access it either! I hope this helps
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    A shortcut to all your canned responses

    typedesk offers quick access to your canned responses for Gmail, but also any other service you use (Facebook, CRM, Chat etc).