Alternative to Insert Text / Canned Response for Gmail Templates

I've been using 'insert text' chrome extension for a couple of years now and found it great until recently. There are some bugs and it doesn't look like its going to be resolved anytime soon. Basically, I want to hold a lot of email templates/responses that can be organized into different folders or has a search feature so it's easy to find the appropriate text I need.... I've tried Gorgias and a couple of other ones from the chrome extension store.. They didn't work out, gorgias would be good, but the search feature isn't reliable. Any recommendations?
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    Guillaume BardetBuilding · Written
    Mixmax has templates, I am quite sure you don't need a paid plan to access it either! I hope this helps
  2. typedesk offers quick access to your canned responses for Gmail, but also any other service you use (Facebook, CRM, Chat etc).
  3. It gets the work done. It is free for most of the common use cases. It doesn't come with other bells and whistles.