What is the best platform to learn the basics of Web Development for a complete newbie?

I am looking for a web based platform where a student could learn basics of web development in a systematic manner?
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    Learn SQL with Codecademy and Periscope

    Learn SQL - the preferred tool of data analysts everywhere …

    Oliver McQuitty
    Oliver McQuittyHead of Product, HURR · Written
    Hands down one of the best platforms to learn the basics of web development. Easy to use, free up to an extent, and an extremely simple walkthrough. There are of course other platforms, but this is my personal recommendation and arguably gave me all the foundations for my current job.
    Codecademy is by far the most newbie friendly platform for basic webdesign. The courses are very well structured starting from basic syntax and working your way up to more advanced concepts in short and rewarding lessons. What I especially like about it is the built in console and text editor which is easy to use and you can freely experiment with different variations of code in the same lesson. The general idea of the website is learning by doing. The paid version also offers you the chance to work on more advanced projects with some of their programmers.
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    Programming Hub 2.0

    Duolingo like app to learn coding 💻📱👨🏻‍💻

    Jitesh Dugar
    Jitesh DugarTechie & Product Growth · Written
    Learning feels like playing a game while building knowledge. Lessons are interactive and supported with good real-life examples at the end of the lesson.
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    Sketch Basics

    First official Sketch course on Treehouse

    Davide Santangelo
    Davide Santangeloruby senior developer · Written
    Treehouse brings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.
    Pavel Maloș
    Pavel MaloșGrowth Hacker @ Bootstrapbay.com · Written
    Super nice mix of tutorials, quizzes & access to the community. Good learning path
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    Learn to code for free

    Ishwar Jha
    Ishwar JhaDigital Transformation Evangelist · Written
    This is most comprehensive, easy to learn, experiment and experience the progress. Also they have certification which is great.
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    Geocities Site Builder

    Share your abomination with the world

    Davide Santangelo
    Davide Santangeloruby senior developer · Written
    The interactive learning destination for aspiring and experienced developers
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    How To Become A Digital Nomad

    Learn how to travel the world and make $ at the same time

    I think you should decide the languages you are going to learn and then buy different udemy courses for $10 each when they are on discounts (every few weeks) and you can have 10s of hours of programming courses that way
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    Train Simple

    Life-long learning for creatives

    Michal Rutrich
    Michal RutrichBe productive. Stay ahead. · Written
    For me it's Pluralsight. You can find there courses from many topics and you can filter by level of your knowledge. Later when you advance you don't have to switch platform. I learned there a lot when I was developing my own startup and had to use technologies I never worked with before. You can became an expert overnight (or something close to that :) They have 10 days free trial and you can search and browse courses even when you don't have an account yet to have a sneak peek to what you'll be paying for.
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    Quick Code

    Curated list of free online programming courses

    KeyulMaker of Coursesity · Written
    Keyul made this product
    Quick Code has a collection of free course. This will help you to find the best course for the programming language you want to learn.
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    Suresh Dasari
    Suresh DasariFounder of Tutlane.com · Written
    Suresh Dasari made this product
    Tutlane.com is the best site which offers free programming tutorials from basic to advanced level.
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    The ultimate profile for developers

    Igor Azarov made this product
    I would suggest to try this one. It developed especially for the Junior developers, it will guide you step-by-step!