What's the best software for Pomodoro technique?

I'm trying Pomodoro Technique to reduce the impact of my mind.
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    Turn your Trello cards into Pomodoro tasks

    It notes how productive you have been by tracking completed pomdoros, the number of interruptions there are (how many times you pause the app), and accumulated hours of active work per day.
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    Pomodoro Keeper

    Simple & well designed pomodoro timer for iOS

    Benjamin Kimo Twichell
    Benjamin Kimo TwichellGrowth Marketing Consultant · Written
    This one is nice and light, get's the job done!
    Ellen Kruijzen
    Ellen KruijzenNightlife Evangelist at Loop · Written
    There's also an online version: https://pomodoro-tracker.com/
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    Self Control (Mac)

    Avoid distracting websites

    James Hunt
    James HuntEntrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder. · Written
    Self Control not only blocks websites but lets you do so for a set amount of time (i.e. 25 mins for pomodoro)
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    Forest 4.0

    With friends, timeline, phone usage tracker & iPad support

    HollyGeneral Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium · Written
    Have been using Forest since 2015 and haven't found anything nearly as good. Very easy to use, and useful for preventing you from absentmindedly checking your phone during your work session. Plus it's nice to see your forest grow over time and to unlock new trees. The built-in sound effects are good for bringing the session to a natural end. Sits on my home screen, which is one of the highest compliments I can give. :)
    • Giacomo Lawrance
      Giacomo LawranceAuthor of thenerdystudent.com

      I really love this app, been using it for years. Love the group sessions feature, really helps when using the app in revision sessions. Can't recommend it more if you need to get off your phone!

    • Erkan Ercan
      Erkan Ercan#Python lover.

      App is nearly perfect.

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    Stay focused and beat procrastination on your Mac.

    aracena made this product
    I’ve used every ToDo, GTD, Pomodoro, Kanban, ranging from very simple to extremely convoluted. When I opened the app, my instinct was to monkey around in the preferences and make connections to my calendar and email. Needless to say, all of that effort was not required. Yet Effortless does every single thing you need it to do, so you can be effective. And nothing else. And for the first time, my time estimates are more meaningful and quantifiable. (The first comment in the Apple Store)
    • Shannon Clarke
      Shannon ClarkeElectrical Engineer & Software Developer

      Really enjoy the implementation of this simple app. Would be useful to consider any of the following in a Pro plan:

      1 - Pomodoro

      2 - Integration with Asana/Todoist/Trello/etc

      3 - Statistics

      Comments (8)
    • Sergio Ruiz
      Sergio RuizDesign things with @rosa7082

      I had the honor to be one of the first tester of Efforless, and I think that it's a great product that helping me to track my working time. So, It's great to see it on Product Hunt.

  6. Oras Al-Kubaisi
    Oras Al-KubaisiSoftware engineer, Startups passionate · Written
    You can assign tasks, check your progress and how many tasks have you done per day
  7. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams5creative problem solver · Written
    You can set it to any timer setting you'd like and also set the break time. What's great about this is that it is good for more than Pomodoro as well
  8. colorswall made this product
    Simple Tomato timer in your browser tab
  9. Moon
    MoonGrowth & Marketing · Written
    Simplicity is always the key when trying to stay focused. This app is clean and simple and right to the point. I like that it allows me to track my tasks and charts out my signs of progress.
    Love this too,
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    Pomodoro meets GTD to-do app

    Pomodoro timer as well as a todo list with tags and tracking! I use it everyday during the school year
  11. Love Futurenda. Love that it has AI and can rearrange itself based on what you are actually doing vs what you've done. Futurenda will keep an eye on your deadlines and adjust your agenda accordingly.
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    Improve focus & productivity ~plan, time tasks, blocks sites

    Ray Ocon
    Ray OconCEO of Moderamic · Written
    Ray Ocon made this product
    Check out the website - moderamic.com!
  13. Jone Minh
    Jone MinhMy name is Jone. · Written
    you can try it.
    Mina Tawadrous
    Mina TawadrousOperations & Lean Strategist · Written
    Pomodone has an amazing integeration with Todoist (my favourite to-do app). I couldn't recommend a better 'easy-start' app.
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    Recover the lost art of joyful concentration

    Isaac Del Toro
    Isaac Del ToroFreelance Creative · Written
    I have been using V2 for years excited about the V3 in beta now connects to calendar and reminders.
  15. This mac app is great because it actually blocks the whole screen with a nice background at the end of the timer. Plus it's a native mac app that lives in the menubar.
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    Donut Dog

    Feed your focus, starve distractions!

    PatrickCreator of Donut Dog App · Written
    Patrick made this product
    Super cute pomodoro timer that feels like a game not like a productivity tool
    • I'm using the app daily to stay away from my phone during work hours and love to even challenge my friends by doing it

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    Focus timer with nature sounds for creators

    Really nice to look at, tracks the time you've spent focused, and has a good selection of ambient noise generators!
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    A Pomodoro radio for coders and makers 🍅 🎶

    WilliamCompulsive maker · Written
    William made this product
    I made pomo.chat to help you focus with music during pomodoros. You can share your accomplishments in the chat during breaks, for fun and accountability
  19. Brandon Wu
    Brandon WuCo-founder, markd.co · Edited
    I wanted something I’d actually use, something visually appealing. I like the aesthetics of BFT which makes “productivity” less boring and more fun! It’s also got a clever UX design where by using it, you have to leave the phone facing down and not be distracted by it.