Garg Ankit
Garg AnkitSilicon-Meat Interface Engineer

Which is the best minimalistic TODO manager app?

Something which lets me prioritize tasks as well. Preferably Android/web.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Does what it needs to exceptionally well and nothing more
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    It is minimalistic if you want it that. Otherwise may be a powerful service fot every kind of project management
    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    I have found trello to be quite nice for small lists just as much as it is for bigger projects!
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    Zenkit for Android

    Work with Zenkit on the go

    Jessi Lu
    Jessi LuChange the future. · Written
    Zenkit is originally a WebApp but all Apps are synched. It got a lot of features but you can start by using just the basics and if you need more, just add them to your tasks. We set up the prio by add labels to the tasks, due dates or by organizing them in the kanban view with specific columns.
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    Google Tasks for Mobile

    Any task, any goal. Get things done.

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Google tasks is super simple. Doesn't currently offer collaboration features, but is available on the web.
    Yashu Mittal
    Yashu MittalFull stack developer · Written
    Google Tasks is good for personal use.
    Francesco D'Alessio
    Francesco D'Alessio🚀 "The Productivity App Reviewer" · Written
    I'd have to give this one to Google Tasks. Tasks is the most minimal of them all when it comes to managing to-dos. With Microsoft To-Do a close second, from the major providers.
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    2547a8ce-e4ad-48da-8e00-28086c8b1cc0.png for Gmail

    Email with powerful task management

    Beautifully simple way of managing Email and Tasks and Calendar in one place on all your devices. I've tried all sorts of tools before (toodledo, todoist, etc.) and this one wins, hands down.
    CommentsShare is minimalistic but also really robust. You can write everything in Markdown, and it has powerful filtering and a calendar and email client built-in.
    Mark Gammon
    Mark GammonSociologist, academic technologist · Written
    I've been using and really enjoying for a while now. The new update has made lots of improvements and the developer is very engaged and responsive to users. It's a powerful tool for brining together tasks, email, notes, and calendar.
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    AllonMarket Researcher · Written
    Probably a great app that would satisfy your needs. Notion 2 contains a fluent tasks/ projects management flow for you to memorize and schedule your works.
    Arkadiusz Lipiarz
    Arkadiusz LipiarzUser Experience & Product Designer · Written
    Same as Trello - minimalistic yet powerful. I organize my life with that tool. It's perfect. Just try it and you will fall in love with that product in seconds. Designers wet dream. 🔥💡✍️
    ChillyBin Web Design
    ChillyBin Web DesignDirector, ChillyBin Web Design · Written
    I love Notion, have been using it for team Documentation, meeting notes and all sorts, it’s quick, supports just about everything you throw at it and the team are always evolving
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    I always liked this one and how you can keep it quite simple if you wish.
    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    I always liked this one and how you can keep it quite simple if you wish.
    Nadya Yatsenka
    Nadya YatsenkaMarketing Director, · Written
    Simple yet powerful, I have been using Todoist for a while
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Adam Waxman
    Adam WaxmanProduct, SeatGeek · Written
    A great balance of functionality and focus. Great keyboard shortcuts are an extra plus!
  9. 6 3.0

    Organize all aspects of your life with

    simple, effective and syncs well!
  10. 5

    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Arsen Losenko
    Arsen LosenkoWeb Developer (JS/Python) · Written
    I won't stop promoting this app, it's so plain simple and great that I use it not only for to-do lists but for notes and planning of my side projects!
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    Teamwork made easy, Get Sh!t Done without email

    Teekay Rezeau-Merah
    Teekay Rezeau-MerahDigital Marketer & Social Media manager · Edited
    I'll go with Azendoo on this one. As one of the fastest growing startups in France, Azendoo is a messaging app used by remote teams. Its powerful integrations, numerous bots, and the ecosystem being built on top of the platform have quickly transformed it into one of the most flexible communication tools on the market. It lets you prioritize tasks in a very intuitive way. I basically turn all my notes into tasks and get on with work right away. I've gained so much in productivity and to be honest, it just feels great to tick those little boxes at the end of each task, it's very rewarding
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    Markdown + calendar + notes

    Stowe Boyd
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    Actually a minimal task management solution. 1. For individual use, so none of the complexities of sharing, etc. 2. Tasks are implemented as Markdown checklists in text daily calendar entries and more general notes. Very flexible, but simple.
  13. 2

    Keeps people on the same page

    Deneke O'Reilly
    Deneke O'ReillyFounder, PoolSpark · Written
    Ease. of. Use. It's very easy to understand and it makes collaboration fun.
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    A smart to-do app, now with folders, quick add and more

    Still the best
    Nigel Antony
    Nigel AntonyFounder at Leagomania · Written
    If you want it to be minimalist then I would recommend Wunderlist. Had been using it for a while to sync across devices and plan my personal and professional to-dos.
  15. 2

    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Pavel Kukhnavets made this product
    If you want to use the minimalistic set of features, you may apply just some of Hygger options as this platform allows managing and tracking tasks and projects easily. At the same time, the platform offers the variety of useful options: Kanban boards with Swimlanes and WIP limits, roadmapping, a backlog priority chart, time tracking, timesheet report, a burndown chart and so on and so forth.
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    Synchronize and prioritize your team's tasks day after day

    Jehanan JEYACHANDRAN made this product
    The algorithm priorities and focus you on the 3 important tasks. Also, each team member can see wether a task is due, ongoing or done. It’s very simple and minimalistic.
    Timothée Mohr made this product
    I co-created this product and our goal is to make the to do list as simple as possible ! - only important features, easy to onboard - the algorithm order all the tasks to find the most important to do right now - you only see the three most important tasks so you can focus more easily - great alone or with the team
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    Simple, collaborative checklists. Not powered by AI

    PrimerFounder of Things · Written
    Primer made this product
    This is a work in progress but it’s very minimalistic and has the added benefit of being able to share lists. The recipient doesn’t need to have an account in order to collaborate on a shared list. And it’s totally 100% free.
  18. 2
    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    FerminRPGrowth Hacker · Written
    It's a little bit old but still does the trick
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    Orcaso 2.0

    Gamify the way you work and get everything done

    Aishwarya Ramesh
    Aishwarya RameshMarketer at heart, sales person in mind · Written
    A very simple and effective tool that ensures you just don't manage TODO but also get them done. Also, it lets you prioritize your tasks. Not to forget, it gamifies the entire thing so you truly experience productivity and contentment at work
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    Rental life made easy

    Shaq Kalaka
    Shaq KalakaCEO, RenterPeace · Written
    Shaq Kalaka made this product
    It's the best for the home. It makes chore, shopping, and bills super easy, and you can share stuff with roommates or spouses with a click.
    Easy to do for renters! great features!