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What is the best platform to build a chatbot?

As a B2B company designing and building softwares for business customers, I would like to know which is the best platform to build a chatbot on. Ideally, this platform would provide me with an API so I could integrate the chat part in any other app. Multilingual support is important to me
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    Create Messenger chatbots without code

    UsamaFounder at Botsify · Written
    Usama made this product
    Love the simplicity of the UI and several integrations including Stripe, API, RSS, Forms, Google Search, Google Sheets, DialogFlow,, and 100+ more with Zapier The best thing I love about this platform is Website Chatbot integration, people can install chatbot on their live chat easily and start capturing leads when they are sleep.
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    Shopify Product Cards by Live Chat

    Send product recommendations to customers via chat

    Daria Zabój
    Daria ZabójContent designer · Edited
    ChatBot is a tool that helps to create a variety of bots. They can answer questions, solve customers’ problems and automate daily tasks for any business. The solution integrates with Facebook Messenger, Slack or LiveChat as well as comes with a robust API.
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    Meya is a customer experience (CX) automation platform.

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    One of the most common one :)
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    Conversational analytics for bots

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    More focused on analytics
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    AI voice platform for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    This isn't exactly for chat bots but I figured I'd leave it here it is quite nice!
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    Sasank Daggubati
    Sasank DaggubatiProduct Manager, Data Science - Groupon · Written
    Intuitive framework + Parts of the chatbot development can be done without coding + Better fit if you want to build a customizable in house chatbot + Google owned!
    This is the most easiest one listed here. and it can also be linked with google assistant, A major plus. & its FREE !
    VictorEntrepreneur, Coder, Consultant · Written
    I used Dialogflow with success. Quite a lack of documentation though
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    Automated human-like conversations at scale

    Javier Gonzalez Helly made this product
    Botfuel provides you with a Node.js framework for advanced dialog management and has a built-in API for Natural Language processing. It is used by large companies and IT service providers who want to keep full control over the bot development cycle and integrate easily with any existing system. Hope it helps.
    Faisal Nisar Solangi
    Faisal Nisar SolangiCustomer Success Manager, Botfuel · Written
    Highly recommend Botfuel for building a bot if you're looking to go a level up with your bots at some point. Of course there are platforms like Dialogflow, Amazon Lex for really simple off-the-shelf bots & use-cases but if you're looking to go an extra mile with customisation later on, Botfuel serves that purpose better in my opinion. Happy to answer more questions on the usability of the platform if you want.
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    ManyChat for Facebook Messenger

    Create a Messenger bot to engage your audience. No coding!

    Silver Ilves
    Silver IlvesCEO, Magiclingua · Written
    Super simple to use. Works like a charm!
    FerminRPGrowth Hacker · Written
    Best tool out there if you want to build a messenger bot
    SpanMylifeOne stop daily life management platform · Written
    ManyChat is well organized and powerful with the loaded feature. It's easy to use. We in trying to utilize it. working on this chatbot tool
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    Create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    And here is one that seems more focused on Facebook
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    SpanMylifeOne stop daily life management platform · Written
    Chatfuel also a very good platform to create chatbot. We in did a comparison between ManyChat and Chatfuel and found that both are quite good enough.
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    Those guys are doing pretty god job
    Daria Zabój
    Daria ZabójContent designer · Written
    It's a multiplatform solution that is easy to use. The great asset of the brand is the fact that they provide support on Facebook and discuss future improvements with users.
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    Tars PPC Chatbots

    Your pay-per-click static landing page stands no chance

    Ish Jindal
    Ish JindalFounder, Tars · Written
    Ish Jindal made this product
    It pretty much checks all the key things you are looking for : - Easy to create a bot - API to integrate with other applications - Multi-lingual Disclaimer : I am the founder of Tars.
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    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    This one seems quite nice and works with Web, Skype, WeChat, Messenger, Slack, Email, Twilio, Viber & APIs
    I have used it, with success.
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    Mohit Badaya
    Mohit BadayaDigital Marketer | Pro Blogger · Written
    It's amazing. Simple & Beautiful AI Chat bot
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    Pokébot by Recast.AI

    Your chatbot Pokédex on Messenger - created by Recast.AI

    Multilingual friendly. Lots of tools to build && connect. Nice support
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    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO, WPDeveloper · Written
    Easy to use
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    Rasa Core

    Machine learning-based dialogue engine for smarter bots

    Parth Shrivastava
    Parth ShrivastavaAll Things B2B Marketing · Written
    Open source. Data on your servers. Total control.
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    Commerce on and within social media - no redirects!

    nyha shree
    nyha shreeForbes Under30 | 💪🏽 · Written
    nyha shree made this product
    The easiest platform out there for e-commerce chatbot. No code. Not even logic flows to build. 🎈 🔁Flows are auto-generated from your product and store settings. 📈Integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, Printful and also offers its own CRM to manage orders, inventory, taxes, shipping, tracking, discounts and more. ⭐Can be integrated omnichannel across all social media platform - Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Your personal domain, and along embedded between blog articles. 👋🏼Creates a buyer persona to help create faster checkout for returning customers - personalised ordering, no address fills, one-touch payments (via cards, bank transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and more) supported in 135 countries. 🤝 Also works with Botletter and Many chat if you have premade flows and sequences there. 💯Used by 20+ fortune 500 companies for social and messaging commerce. 🚀 Unlimited time free trial.
  18. 1 - Bots builder for Telegram and Yandex Alisa
    Because U R Alfa!
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    Flow XO Slackbot

    Build bots with no code and your favorite web apps!

    Mehdi Toualit
    Mehdi ToualitWebmarketer in Montpellier (France) · Written
    Smart chatbots made simple. Easy integration.
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    Never miss another lead from your website

    Paul McKeever
    Paul McKeeverCEO @ Continually · Written
    Paul McKeever made this product
    Very simple for non-technical people to create web-based chatbots, especially around B2B marketing.