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What is the best platform for interactive programming lessons?

I like to learn by doing. My goal is to get a job as a web developer, my favorite languages are python and javascript. Specifically Django / React / VueJS.
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  1. I used Code School a lot when I was getting into Ruby. The video & then test format works really well for me, picked up a lot of great info from it.
    alberto jauregui
    alberto jaureguiDeveloper at Exosfera and CTO at Replyem · Written
    They have a lot of topics that you can learn, great interactive tools to write code right after you watch the videos, interesting challenges and more.
  2. Dewane Mutunga
    Dewane MutungaWriter, Speaker, Entrepreneur · Written
    I love Treehouse. Great tutorials and community.
  3. 2

    Bite-sized video training for modern web technologies

    Egghead has been my favorite for Javascript. Have found it to be one of the easiest ways to keep up to speed with JS.
  4. 1

    The ultimate profile for developers

    Igor Azarov made this product
    Did you try CodersRank? It has step-by-step guide for all your technologies that you have mentioned