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Best free long tail keyword research tools?

I want to know some of the best free longtail keyword research tools out there!
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    Find high volume longtail keywords with low SEO competition.

    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    Reliable, easy-to-use and complete with suggestions, volume research data, CTR and all its filter.
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    Scout Suggest Keyword Generator

    Free SEO Research Tool For Google Keywords

    Jonny Platt
    Jonny PlattTechnical SEO turned Maker · Written
    Jonny Platt made this product
    Generates a lot of unique questions and phrases, plus it helps group your keywords into content ideas
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Oleksandr Kozeniuk
    Oleksandr KozeniukSEO specialist at Engre Marketplace · Written
    What could be better than free data from Google than using Google Keyword Planner. Although I think that every free tool has many disadvantages. This is why people buy paid tools. I'm currently exploring the possibilities of Semrush, here's a great article for that which explains the main advantages of this tool