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How do you filter your emails?

Is there a way to filter emails based on whether it was sent by a human or a mailing list/automation?
@sdrth_ I've heard good things about but I've not used it myself.
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@sdrth_ @ashleyclark2 Yes I've heard good things as well.
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@sdrth_ @ashleyclark2 I use every single day. It is a massive time saver. All this '2nd class of email' comes in one email. I can quickly scroll up and down this big poster of thumbnails and decide if any of them merit attention. I cannot recommend it more highly. (NOT affiliated. ;-)
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@sdrth_ @ashleyclark2 - Be careful with services that you let crawl your email data. See this: Per their Privacy Policy ( "When you sign up for Unroll.Me, Unroll.Me uses your data to provide you email management services, and for other purposes described in Unroll.Me’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Unroll.Me is a part of Slice Technologies, whose market research organization Slice Intelligence provides the world’s leading brands, retailers, and marketers e-commerce insights to help them better understand market and consumer trends. In accordance with Unroll.Me’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Unroll.Me shares information from your commercial and transactional emails with Slice. Slice’s technology automatically extracts purchase information from these emails and uses that information to build anonymized market research products for its clients. Slice’s market research products do not include your personal information."
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@sdrth_ You might want to check out this article on how to remove access you might have provided to some apps and setup an unsubscribe list that doesn't compromise your privacy:
According to experts, you should change your Ymail password about 2 to 3 months. Yahoo also encourages users regularly change Ymail account password, avoid setting a simple one to strengthen the safety, prevent others from accessing your account. If you haven’t had a Ymail account, you can learn more our previous post on How to sign up Ymail account. After registering Ymail successfully, you can sign in to ymail account to experience its utilities. In this article, we explain you how to change your Ymail password in the simplest and fastest way.
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Why use emails when you can use a program when you can communicate easily and avoid the clutter that comes with email use? I use Azendoo with my team, the perfect substitute to emails :)
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@sdrth_ Google Inbox or Boxy already do this for me pretty much automatically :)
@sdrth_ Gmail does this... you can have a "promotions" sub-inbox which most emails with an "unsubscribe" link go to. Not sure if it does it out of the box with a new account or if you need to enable it.