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As a single maker, when your app/website goes down how do you get notified?

I'm a single/solo maker & interested in the tools fellow PH'ers use to notify them it their app/website goes down, without paying crazy fees. I use PagerDuty at work but can't justify the price for a side project.
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    Uptime monitoring made beautifully simple and reliable

    Ken WallaceFounder of Β· Written
    I rely on Hyperping to let me know if my site is up and how performant it is. Works great, and the price is fair!
    Sander VisserBuilding Β· Written
    Hyperping is great! It sends a report every week to keep me updated about the performance of my sites and notifies me of downtime, like yesterday with Netlify's outage.
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    Real-time crash reporting for the web and apps

    Get an email notification if anything breaks... If a customer somehow manages to break the app, I get an email notification. THink they have a free plan..
  3. 23

    Free website monitoring service

    Free, easy to use, and does what it is suppose to.
    FerminRP4Growth Hacker Β· Written
    Simple solution to this common problem. Works amazingly well and FREE.
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    Free unlimited website monitoring

    Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE Β· Written
    Great free plan.
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    James BarnesCo-Founder, TrafficCake Β· Written
    Glad you like the free plan Matt - it's free for life. We're always looking at how we can improve things for our free customers as well, such as the recent introduction of a free page speed test :)
  5. Uptime Robot offers 5-minute checks and 50 monitors for free πŸ‘Œ
    Sinan YucelUI/UX/Graphic Designer Β· Edited
    Great service, and can't beat free! If a check every 5mins is not enough, they have options that check more frequently. Also, they can notify you however you want; via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Slack, HipChat, Telegram, push, web-hooks...
    Bruno PaulinoSoftware Engineer Β· Written
    It is super reliable and the free version allows you to have up to 50 monitors. they can notify you in pretty much all services out there like Slack, Telegram, SMS and the list goes on and on. Have been using it for the past years and had no issues at all.
  6. Brett Hellmanceo@matter β€’ former ceo@hall (acquired) Β· Written
    I've used pingdom for my last 3 startups... It works fine. It's not a product I love but a product that gets the job done.
    PrimerFounder of Division 77 Β· Written
    Pingdom rules.
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    Simple & Inexpensive Website Monitoring.

    Peter van TeeselingGlobal #printhacking community connector Β· Written
    Multiple sites and notification options (ie email, sms etc) - very affordable!
  8. Jim Zhousemi-professional bingoist Β· Written
    Simple, free, has Slack integration, unlimited URLs, also does server monitoring, checks from 2 zones (AWS I reckon), and can monitor content
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    Uptime Robot App

    Free uptime monitoring service

    I use uptime robot to monitor several sites. Free upto 50 sites.
    Neil ChalkProduct Manager, 15below Β· Written
    Uptime robot is great, once you get the hang of it easy to setup and simple Slack integration. In the free plan you can even have a host name in your domain
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    Apex Ping

    Uptime & performance monitoring for websites and APIs

    Ben HowdleSoftware Engineering consultant Β· Written
    It's just...great.
  11. Armin Nikdelfounder, developer Β· Written
    Armin Nikdel made this product
    I was like you, needed a reliable uptime monitoring tool and was using monitis, but they suddenly increased their pricing. I made mine, Pingmeter. Let me know if you signup to get some PH benefits from me on your account ;)
  12. Nick MckenzieWorking on DevMetrics & Upski Β· Written
    Upski monitors your sites for free from a singe location and mails you when the site is down. You can also be aleted via Text Message or Slack.
  13. Austin DudzikIndie maker, designer, & developer Β· Written
    Once you're notified of downtime, you could use our software to notify your customers! Good luck, friend!
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    Reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your services

    Alex Lobanov23yo Maker βš‘πŸš€ & Xamarin Developer Β· Written
    Alex Lobanov made this product
    In case if you want to get notified about any downtime - your tool should cover all your needs. Including Public Status Pages, SSL monitoring, different notification options