Whats the best service for creating and maintaining an internal knowledge base?

We are looking for a tool to get the knowledge of the organization store and maintained. We are normally going to save snippets of code and processes.
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    The note app for teams

    Anthony LeeFounder at Lunamisoo and Moonlyte Media · Written
    It's like Slack for note taking. Their tagging, searching, and note taking functionalities are just really well thought through. I highly recommend it.
    Thomas DIDIER3Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    We're using Slite on a daily basis at Forest (www.forestadmin.com) as a knowledge base, departments reporting, playbooks and templates, and much more. Such a great tool!
    Makenna SmutzFull Stack Marketer | Frontend Engineer · Written
    You can also share links to notes publicly with links, making it a great place for canned replies/FAQ!
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    Writing made easy

    Aswin MohanI create more bugs in the world. · Written
    Easy to set up, Open Source and export to different formats. Built on git workflow
  3. 13
    Help Scout 2.0

    Help desk software for a more human & helpful experience

    Rich PetersonFounder @ generous. · Written
    Handy that you can quickly store docs and processes with Help Scout knowledgebase ( https://yourlink.to/helpscout ). You can make it public but you'll use the private knowledgebase feature. You'll also be able to send snippets to other users through a search bar above your compose menu.
  4. Lucas DidierProduct manager · Written
    Great page tree management, super powerful Airtable-like blocks features. It can basically replace your Trello, your Excel and all your other project management tools. Plus, they have powerful embedded blocks with other services like InVision, Github Gists, Dropbox Paper, etc...
  5. Kimberley WilliamsProduct Manager at Soldo · Written
    I love Confluence for organising large amounts of internal information that would otherwise be lost when somebody leaves the company or team, and for getting new joiners up to speed. I use it for everything from project management to manuals, competitor research, and business strategy. Very easy to set up and use.
    Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak · Written
    Great tool to document everything! The macros are great too for code / workflows / anything else!
  6. PranavDesigner, Developer & Maker of things · Written
    Simple UX both for navigating articles and creating them. Free to use!
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    Goal & OKR Management by Leapsome

    Simple goal management and team alignment with OKRs

    easy to use great customer service
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    Collaborative notes for your entire team

    Sachin RekhiFounder & CEO @ Notejoy · Written
    Sachin Rekhi made this product
    Way lighter-weight than traditional wikis, making it super easy to capture & share notes with your entire team. Folks can leverage web, desktop, and mobile apps to access information wherever they go. And has support for full real-time editing like Google Docs, threaded comments, reactions, @mentions, and so much more.