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joaquin ibanez
joaquin ibanezMaker in the Shopify Community

Whats the best service for creating and maintaining an internal knowledge base?

We are looking for a tool to get the knowledge of the organization store and maintained. We are normally going to save snippets of code and processes.
16 recommended
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    John Xie
    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. Β· Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade lets you create task lists, write product specs, and create meeting agendas instantly. You can even collaborate in real-time and video chat on the same page.
  2. 49

    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Anthony Lee
    Anthony LeeBe kind. Kindness has super powers. Β· Written
    It's like Slack for note taking. Their tagging, searching, and note taking functionalities are just really well thought through. I highly recommend it.
    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing Β· Written
    We're using Slite on a daily basis at Forest (www.forestadmin.com) as a knowledge base, departments reporting, playbooks and templates, and much more. Such a great tool!
    You can also share links to notes publicly with links, making it a great place for canned replies/FAQ!
  3. 30

    Writing made easy

    Aswin Mohan
    Aswin MohanCurrently making LessPhone Tet, HackNews Β· Written
    Easy to set up, Open Source and export to different formats. Built on git workflow
  4. 20
    Help Scout

    Help desk software for a more human & helpful experience

    Rich Peterson
    Rich PetersonBusiness Growth Agency Β· Written
    Handy that you can quickly store docs and processes with Help Scout knowledgebase ( https://yourlink.to/helpscout ). You can make it public but you'll use the private knowledgebase feature. You'll also be able to send snippets to other users through a search bar above your compose menu.
  5. 15
    Lucas Didier
    Lucas DidierProduct manager Β· Written
    Great page tree management, super powerful Airtable-like blocks features. It can basically replace your Trello, your Excel and all your other project management tools. Plus, they have powerful embedded blocks with other services like InVision, Github Gists, Dropbox Paper, etc...
  6. 11
    StepShot Guides PRO

    Create guides and video tutorials with no hassle

    In your case, this tool is what you need as StepShot Cloud workspace allows storing and sharing knowledge base files with your team and others (customers, partners) if needed. You can discuss the files to collaborate on them. Also, StepShot Guides allows you to capture processes and create guides on them automatically.
  7. 14

    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Tried a few tools myself but Nuclino was hands down the best. You can collaboratively create documents in real time and connect them like a wiki. There is also a kanban board and a mind map view. Perfect for a team knowledge base.
  8. 4
    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    Kimberley Williams
    Kimberley WilliamsProduct Manager at Soldo Β· Written
    I love Confluence for organising large amounts of internal information that would otherwise be lost when somebody leaves the company or team, and for getting new joiners up to speed. I use it for everything from project management to manuals, competitor research, and business strategy. Very easy to set up and use.
    Emily Kellert
    Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak Β· Written
    Great tool to document everything! The macros are great too for code / workflows / anything else!
  9. 3
    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    Extremely customizable, lots of useful templates and it's overall a very powerful tool. I haven't used it in a team, but I use it as my own little knowledge base and it's doing great so far. Notion is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and the web. You should at least check it out.
  10. 2
    Leapsome Development Framework

    Provide your team with a roadmap for professional growth

    easy to use great customer service
  11. 2

    Collaborative notes for you and your team

    Sachin Rekhi
    Sachin RekhiFounder & CEO @ Notejoy Β· Written
    Sachin Rekhi made this product
    Way lighter-weight than traditional wikis, making it super easy to capture & share notes with your entire team. Folks can leverage web, desktop, and mobile apps to access information wherever they go. And has support for full real-time editing like Google Docs, threaded comments, reactions, @mentions, and so much more.
  12. 2
    ProProfs Knowledge Base
    Brayn Wills
    Brayn WillsKnowledge Base Manager Β· Written
    ProProfs Knowledge Base software is the ideal software to create an internal knowledge base. It has got some powerful features that help you create, share and manage knowledge easily. It lets you induct employees smoothly in your organization and keep them updated on latest information.
  13. 1
    Guru for Slack

    Slack wiki β€” access all the knowledge you need

    Kuba Rogalski
    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat Β· Written
    We've been using it for quite some time now at our company and have found it super helpful in sharing internal knowledge. It's easy to use so anyone in the team can quickly access the information they need in a given moment.
  14. 1

    Multi-channel and easy-to-use customer service software.

    Sona Pisova
    Sona PisovaWriter. Tutorial star. Β· Written
    LiveAgent enables you to create your own knowledge base which can include articles, FAQs, forums, and feedback and suggestions. The knowledge base is fully customizable, so you can make it match your business aesthetic.
  15. 2

    The knowledge base software that scales with your product

    Document360 is a Standalone Knowledge base solution for creating internal and external knowledge bases. Pros: -User-friendly interface -Version history - Ability to real version control on documentation. You can select the version which you want to be made public and every edit made to the existing document creates a default new version. The version history is fully tracked. - Intelligent Search- Quick instant search allows you to quickly land on the relevant article. You can add tags to the article for a quick search. Analytics and reporting- these are very helpful in understanding how your knowledge base is performing and team analytics helps you understand contribution at the individual level. Overall it is the best tool for knowledge management in an organization
  16. 1
    Archbee 2.0

    Lightweight documentation tool for software teams & products

    Paul Nica
    Paul NicaGrowth Marketer at Archbee.io Β· Written
    Archbee is a great place to centralize your company's information. Super easy to use, great price and an awesome product overall