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What is the best web browser (June 2018)?

Does anybody even care anymore? or have you just given in to Chrome? I was testing Opera for a while and it's great - builtin VPN, can use chrome extensions. But a recent update meant 1password integration stopped working so I decided to try Firefox. Firefox is OK - love the native Pocket integration but FF seems to burn through my battery and it feels slower than Opera. Love that Safari takes up minimal screen space but it feels ancient. Chrome is fast but I'm not a fan of the UI. What are you using these days? Any others I should try? // MBPr2014 MacOS
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    Brave Software

    Brave browser blocks all the greed and ugliness on the web

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetWorking on · Written
    I have been trying to use Brave since it came out, it is quite good! But I am still using Chrome for work
    • Winson
      WinsonBitcoin @

      Brave was a great find for me as I only started delving into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies last year. Right after Steemit, this is the next project that excites me in this space.

      I'm going to support, recommend and evangelize the use of the Brave Browser , and reduce our dependence on Google.

      Wrote a blog post on:

      A) The Dark Underbelly of Google & The Unusual Brave Browser

      B) Brave Browser Review, How it Really Pays you to Use or Publish

    • Adam S Hurwitz
      Adam S HurwitzAndroid Developer

      I have a 2009 Macbook Pro and after I downloaded Brave it feels like a new computer because of the increased speed. I tried Brave for the first time a couple years ago, but did not stick with it because of how frequently I use Chrome extensions in my productivity flow. Now that Chrome extensions are supported it is a game changer. I am trying Brave out as my default browser now.

      Currently, the only area lacking is the lack of support for Android text messages at