Yashu Mittal
Yashu MittalFounder & CEO, CodeCarrot

Which is the best app for sharing files and folder across devices?

If you have an Android device it's very hard to send a file to Windows Laptop unless you can use some online service to send a file. I want an easy way to send files and folder quickly. For example sharing media files, documents and more.
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    Zenkit for Android

    Work with Zenkit on the go

    Jessi Lu
    Jessi Lu14Change the future. · Written
    I would recommend Zenkit. It´s available as Mobile, Desktop and Web App. It syncs between the devices so you could upload your file into Zenkit and use if from a different device again.
    • Tomás Sandoval Phelan
      Tomás Sandoval PhelanUI/UX Designer / Digital Consultant

      I've tried many platforms already (Still using them for other projects) I started with Zenkit for a new venture and it is working wonders! Many features that differentiate them from the others.

    • I see great potential in this product, better than Trello. But must fix few issues: speed, drop-outs, data loss due to drop-outs, keyboard shortcuts (for web version). I'm a heavy user of products of this kind, I've been using the web version for ~ a year, except for the issues mentioned, love it!

  2. Josue Lafolle
    Josue LafolleBorn to Succeed... · Written
    iTransfer iT is Great, fast and focus mainly on file sharing and works great...