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adrian rodriguezFounder at Flatastic

What is the best tool for finding social media influencers?

Guys, I'm getting ready to launch my first start-up and would love to see what tool is best to find social media influencers for marketing.
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    Intelligent Influencer Marketing

    Terry Godier made this product
    It's still the most solid platform I know. Others are just lists of influencers for you to outreach yourself - this one all of the influencers are already verified and ready to go in the system.
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    Easiest Way to Find, Hire, and Work with YouTube Influencers

    TakomborerwaSoftware engineer · Written
    Its got it all
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    Mehdi Toualit
    Mehdi ToualitWebmarketer in Montpellier (France) · Written
    Customize and enhance your Twitter experience.
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba Rogalski
    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    Kuba Rogalski made this product
    I’d suggest using a social media monitoring tool. There are quite a few of them that you could test but when it comes to hands-on experience, I can give you a biased recommendation based on how I use our very own tool. Social media posts have influencer scores assigned to them. With the influencer filter (based on a scale 0–10), you can quickly get to the most relevant posts and engage those authors you consider worth cooperating with. You can filter the results based on a domain, so you can browse accounts specifically and see a few additional metrics such as a number of mentions, reach, voice share, and influence. Hope you'll find it a bit helpful!
    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    That's great for social media listening and influencer marketing.
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    Real-time mentions of your startup from social & the web

    Aleh Barysevich
    Aleh BarysevichFounder, SEO PowerSuite & Awario · Written
    Aleh Barysevich made this product
    Try creating social listening alerts for your competitors or industry keywords, and then go to the Influencer report to identify the most influential people who've mentioned them.
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh RasakatlaSr. Digital Marketer · Written
    To find social mentions and probable influencers.
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    Mention Monitoring Academy

    Grow your company with free 8-week course from top B2B SaaS

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    They've a dedicated solution to address this topic >
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    Twitter Live

    Twitter replaces TV. Watch live events and tweet w/ friend.

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    One of the best place to find people, and influencers, sharing content about your market.
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    LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics on Hootsuite

    Schedule LinkedIn posts on Hootsuite, with trending hashtags

    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh RasakatlaSr. Digital Marketer · Written
    Hootsuite is the best social management and social listening tool.
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh RasakatlaSr. Digital Marketer · Written
    It is the best social management and social listening tool.
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    Platform connecting brands and influencers

    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO, WPDeveloper · Written
    I have been using it for a long time, even free version is well enough.
    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO, WPDeveloper · Written
    I found this tool very smooth compared with others and it's free.
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    The Hub

    We connect creators – to each other and to brands.

    Shannon Bray
    Shannon BrayHead of Community at H Collective · Written
    Shannon Bray made this product
    I'm biased – this is my product! But we've spent the past year and a half hand picking and carefully vetting 30k of the most talented and most reliable creators and influencers in the world. I've personally met and worked with thousands of them myself.
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    Get the most out of Instagram on the web 📸

    Pro: if you feel actual tools are not enough; if you need a deep search on Instagram; if you are an influencer or creator, use it!
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    Francesca Yardley
    Francesca YardleyChanging the way we manage email · Written
    If your product is instagrammable then I highly recommend Takumi
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    I’d recommend HipSocial by 500apps to find social media influencers. Its a social media management tool that features content scheduling, social listening, analytics, and more. But its social listening is what you want to utilize. It lets you follow topics, hashtags, competitors, your audience, and influencers. Essentially, you’ll create a stream for influencers. You’ll want to see if they’re mentioning you or your competitors. You can also search for topics and hashtags that are related to your business. Depending on the platform and niche, influencers will utilize at least one of the same hashtags in the majority of their content. And if you see something similar to this occurring, you can look into it. How you use HipSocial to find influencers depends on how well known you or your competitors are, if you’re targeting micro-influencers, what platform you’re using, etc. If you’re interested in seeing how HipSocial by 500apps can help you find social media influencers, then try its 30-day free trial today!