What's the best app for finding a remote job?

I would love to design full-time remotely from home or my favorite cafe, especially for a small startup. Are there any apps out there that have helped you guys with this?
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    Remote OK

    The biggest remote job board on the web

    LeandroCommunity, Swell · Written
    Has a good amount of remote listings. Made by no other than Pieter Levels.
    levelsioSerial maker of Nomad List, and more · Written
    levelsio made this product
    Thank you Leandro! <3
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    Jobs by Designmodo

    Remote and full-time jobs for web professionals 🛠💕

    Andrian ValeanuWeb designer and indie maker💡. 🇲🇩<->🇪🇸 · Written
    Andrian Valeanu made this product
    Good offers from the best companies. Designmodo Jobs is a fantastic platform to find high-quality freelance jobs.
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    Invest in startups online

    Jan KuzelHead of Growth at SatisMeter · Written
    In terms of time spent / quality of the jobs, AngelList Jobs win for me. On sites like UpWork you will lose dozens of hours by applying to jobs you will not win, it's stupid. On AngelList, you just specify your search criteria and then go through the jobs almost similar to swiping on Tinder. By having to skip or apply, you will not miss anything. When applying, in the message, I would usually just send my portfolio/CV, only sometimes I would take couple minutes to write custom message about why I am interested in the role. I would start investing more time with skype interview only after I get some interest from the company back. This is perfect for busy people, ie. if you already have a job/clients and keeping eye for more without having to spend too much time on it. It's also platform that is very friendly to remote jobs.
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    We Work Remotely

    Find your next remote job!

    Awesome for this purpose, managed by wonderful people and you get newsletters everyday of some of the newest jobs.
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    Crypto Jobs List

    Your #1 place to find and post crypto & blockchain jobs!

    Raman KsaitorFounder, CryptoJobsList.com · Written
    Raman Ksaitor made this product
    Plenty of remote positions in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Technical, non-technical positions. Both project based and full-time. Some jobs even pay in crypto.
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    Remotive Jobs 2.0

    A curated selection of remote startup jobs

    Paul TuckerGeneral Manager (wearer of many hats) · Written
    Fantastic list of jobs curated from a broad sampling of industries around the world. Supported by people who are passionate about remote work, team culture, and community. PS: They have an awesome Slack community as well!
    Really the best place for remote jobs !
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    Forget about job boards. Find a perfect job with an AI bot.

    Alexander Gamanyuk made this product
    Tarta monitors remote jobs and matches job seekers with the best ones. As a sweet bonus, Tarta also helps to set up an interview with a recruiter.
    Taras Mokrytskyiinterested in mathematics and algorithms · Written
    Looking for a job for you.
  8. Eleonora ProvozinDestination Manager at rove.me · Written
    My friend found a job via this site :)
  9. Anne-SophieCommunity @ api.video · Written
    Upwork is a fantastic platform to find high quality freelance jobs. You can get work from anywhere in the world. Work at an hourly rate of flat fee, it's up to you. I think the breadth of great clients and freelancers makes Upwork my go to platform when searching for remote freelance work.
    I've been working on Upwprk for over 5 years. Love the platform and the companies I've had the opportunity to work with. Upwork helped me land my current dream job working with a software platform.
  10. DomMentorCruise.com · Written
    Dom made this product
    For our Machine Learning Engineers out there ;)
  11. Tom PinchenFounder based in London · Written
    A great place to find remote jobs. You can filter on fully and partially remote roles which is really handy and the roles are clearly presented.
  12. 6progyour valuable network > free sign up at · Written
    Low service fees
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    Experienced software developers on demand

    Philip I. ThomasCo-founder at moonlight · Written
    Philip I. Thomas made this product
    We don't advertise it well, but Moonlight has design jobs!
  14. Jack VanGesselCo Founder, Honest Projects · Written
    Creative work done in a simple, transparent, and hassle-free experience
    Jack VanGesselCo Founder, Honest Projects · Written
    There's no easier platform to work with freelancers and get work done
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    Find a full-time remote job at the tech startup

    Denis ShershnevFounder & CEO 6nomads.com · Written
    Denis Shershnev made this product
    6nomads is a platform for engineers and product designers who are looking for a full-time remote job in a tech company.
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    The ultimate profile for developers

    Igor Azarov made this product
    try CodersRank.io It has pretty good job-opportunities for developers
    Igor Azarov made this product
    I always use this one. They have good job opportunities there
  17. Workew connects talented people who seek remote careers with innovative companies hiring remotely.