Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications

What are the best tools to create/design pdf reports?

I'm looking for tool/app suggestions for designing and creating pdf reports. Currently, I use a combination of Pages, Sketch and Piktochart which is a little time-consuming.
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  1. I suggest Document 365 (by Kdan Mobile) for working with PDFs, doing all kinds of editing and creating reports from any device. I use the individual plan that's quite inexpensive, but offers the necessary tools to basically do anything you need when it comes to working with PDFs. After I got this software, I havent's really used any of my other PDF-editing apps because with this product I'm able to edit, scan to PDF, fill in forms, split and merge PDFs, convert files to and from, and with the tabbed viewer and Night Mode, I'm able to do work efficiently and at all times of the day. I recommend this app to someone who wants multifunctional software that's portable and comprehensive. Two thumbs up
    I personally really like Document 365 for creating PDF reports. It takes little time, I'm able to work across all of my devices and the reports come out looking professional and sleek. Way to go, Document365!
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    Julien DeveauxDigital Product Designer & Entrepreneur · Written
    Have you tried Canva? It's quite simple and you get great result really fast. They also have a desktop/web version
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  3. Jan KönigCo-founder at Jovo · Written
    Although Keynote is normally used for creating presentation slides, you can adjust the document dimensions and create PDF reports as well. (Also: PowerPoint)