What is the best app to collect design inspiration (images, animations, videos)?

What is the best app to collect design inspiration: images, animations, videos and (maybe) articles?
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    A brand new Dribbble

    Discover the world’s top designers & creative professionals

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    The best platform to do so.
    if its inspiration, its gotta be dribbble !!
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    Raindrop.io 3.0

    Smart bookmark manager

    Beautiful cross-platform app by indy developer.
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Great tool for categorysation and tagging. Cross-platform.
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    Buy it on Pinterest

    Buy things directly on Pinterest.

    Wenjing Yu
    Wenjing YuBig fan of new product. Startup founder · Written
    Board will help you manage your collections. Also Pinterest's recommendation will help you discover similar things you might like.
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    Tobi Omotayo
    Tobi OmotayoNonconformist 🌍World Changer · Written
    Pinterest has a lot more inspirations including those from Dribbble
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    Take better notes, your way

    I've been using this app called NoteLedge for collecting videos and images for a while now (1.5 years) and I'm satisfied with so far. All the digital media I collect (by using the web-clipper tool), goes into the media folder, from where it's easily accessible from both my phone and my iPad. I like the app's design and look, and I think overall it's quite nice to use, both for organizing your media, taking notes and journaling. I've been suggesting to check out this app to my friends/family, and now some of my friends use it for sketching/drawing (on their tablets that support styluses), and I even got my mom hooked on it - she uses it for collecting inspiration for house renovations and recipes.
    Thomas Cole
    Thomas ColeJava Developer living in Amsterdam · Written
    One of my favorite apps to collect design inspiration - I use the app for browsing websites and clipping images and videos that I like. Easy to work with and to keep everything neat and organized.
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    Online platform to showcase & discover creative work

    Krunal Shah
    Krunal ShahFull Stack Developer · Written
    Behance is similar to dribbble and really good for design inspiration.
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    Online whiteboard for visual collaboration

    Daniel Lee
    Daniel LeeProduct Manager · Written
    Used to use this quite a bit but it can support all different types of media. If you just want to build moodboards, InDesign or Photoshop are also good.
    Daniel Lee
    Daniel LeeProduct Manager · Written
    Used to use this quite a bit but it can support all different types of media. If you just want to build moodboards, InDesign or Photoshop are also good.
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    colorswall made this product
    Color palette tool for inspiration website design
    Nice web tool
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    Owwly 2.0

    Home for digital products crafted with passion to design

    Piotr Bartoszek made this product
    I hope in near future Owwly give designers and creatives a lot of inspiration. We are trying to create design hub that brings all creative portfolios together - feedback is welcome! :) 🦉
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    OneNote Clipper 2.0

    Now with intelligent article, recipe and product clipping

    Scott at Meliovation
    Scott at MeliovationVacationCounts Blogger and App Developer · Written
    I used to be the biggest fan of Evernote, but recently turned to OneNote to capture exactly what you are looking for. It isn't perfect and not as full featured as Evernote (premium paid edition) but it is simple, organized, and works across multiple platforms (not just Windows). Plus it's private which I prefer for capturing product and design ideas and notes.
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    Muzli 2

    All the design inspiration you need

    Stan DZ
    Stan DZCo-founder (product), Airteach.co · Written
    Great way to get design inspiration popin' up your face each time you open a new tab !
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    JPFounder and Activist Researcher · Written
    I use Notion and Milanote. Notion specifically allows for designers to go from design inspiration to functional prototypes, and usability testing. I cannot say enough on the benefits of Notion in my design practice!
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    Super fast color schemes generator for cool designers

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    Awwwards Academy

    Leading thinkers teach digital talent on awwwards academy

    Brahim Chougrani
    Brahim Chougranifull stack developer python/django · Written
    my best go to fir inspiration
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    Get the most out of Instagram on the web 📸

    Here you can browse all the images, videos posted by instagrammer
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    inspiration for colors palettes
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    Pinbox is a cross-platform collection tool that you can use to record inspiration, read it later, save data and even anything on the web