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Looking for a really good music player app for Android. Any recommendations?

Anyone know of a really good music player for Android. It can give you stats on your listening patterns And figures out which music you like and helps you identify it better. Maybe even recommend very selective music, From SoundCloud and YouTube etc.. Something which can be in sync with your laptop. If I like a music I listen to it on repeat. Even certain parts of a long track only. So if it can identify those parts and maybe cross ref that with other tracks to identify similar tastes. Maybe even has two modes: Known mode and discover mode. Playing totally new tracks in discover mode and playing only already listened tracks in known mode. Maybe even import the listening pattern data from other sources like Google play music, SoundCloud, Spotify etc.. Maybe even correlates the time of the day I am listening to a certain track. Maybe even extract information and thoughts from my brain when listening to a given track. Ok, maybe we can skip the last part.
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