Nicolas Le Roux
Nicolas Le RouxGrowth Marketer

What are the best solutions to set up a referral program

I'm looking for the best product to easily create a referral program for my SaaS. Any recommendations?
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    Viral Loops for Startups

    Virality for startups made easy 💪

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover82Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    We've used Viral Loops for various giveaways. It supports features like incentivizing people to share on social for more entries into the sweepstakes and other useful techniques to drive behavior.
    • Niv Dror
      Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital

      Viral Loops have been AMAZING for a couple of different campaigns we've been doing at Product Hunt, and the team is so helpful. The tools they have to help people to share and encourage virality really do work. I recommend 100%.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

      One of the best referral marketing solutions out there to create viral campaigns for your startups.

  2. 22
    Referral Saasquatch

    Customer referral platform for SaaS

    We started using Saasquatch and were able to boost customer engagement without increasing our spend. A straightforward platform that made $ense.
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    Automate viral growth for your website. 100% free

    This is cheaper than other competitors and is easy to implement.
    This is cheaper than other competitors and is easy to implement.
    • Christopher Krohn
      Christopher KrohnMarketing Coordinator at 24onoff

      I have been working with a ton of different referral programs for the past year and Growsurf takes pretty much all the development work out of setting up a seemingly integrated referral program.

      I was set up in less than 12 hours, and that includes making user journeys and finishing design and copy of the landing pages.

      Most of what I have been building myself over tons, and tons of iterations are available within the platform, and its very easy to use.

      I will continue to push for more features, specifically towards ongoing referral programs, as this seems to be missing in the platform as of now. Also, translation files set up with a platform like Crowdin or an open translation community would be greatly appreciated.

      To summarise:

      hats off to you guys, for building what I think is a very unique product.

    • Gaurav Sharma
      Gaurav SharmaEntrepreneur

      Great experience till now :)

  4. Aidan Hornsby
    Aidan HornsbyVP Marketing @ Flow · Edited
    At Flow we use Saasquatch. Simple, and effective.
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  5. Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    Never used it but heard/read great things about it (
  6. Alex Bugeja
    Alex BugejaFounder, Foundry Technologies · Written
    ReferDigital allows you to pay affiliates a fraction of monthly subscription fees as long as the subscription is active, which is ideal for SaaS. Besides the more traditional way of doing it - a single affiliate commission when the subscriptions starts.
  7. Very good product for e-commerce viral growth.
  8. Kristina Smile:)
    Kristina Smile:)Growth Product Manager @ RetargetApp · Written
    I'm currently looking for a software to run an affiliate program too (so I will follow this question😊). Tapaffiliate is by far, once of the best that I've seen.