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Which app would you recommend for investing/trading?

Hello, everyone what in your opinion is the best app for investing or trading out there? Key points in regard to the abovementioned would be: - Reach diversity of financial tools available for a potential user; - Convenient and remarkable UI/UX; - Processing speed; - Low fees and commissions on trading. Thank in advance, guys!!
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    Automated, low cost investment service

    Matthew Benjamin
    Matthew BenjaminFront end engineer | Werk · Written
    Wealthfront is a great investing tool for the long term. I am not very investment savvy, so the experts at Wealthfront allocate the money I invest.
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    Robinhood for iOS

    Robinhood now available on iPhone

    Nick Francioso
    Nick FranciosoFounder of SkillSyncer | Army Veteran · Written
    Zero fees. However lacks in the features department but great for a first time investor who doesn't want to get killed by trading fees. I use Robinhood to trade but think or swim for my technical analysis.
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    I like Robinhood
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    Pritesh Pillay
    Pritesh PillayOwner, AdvisingOm · Written
    I tried a few of the beginner/small amount investing apps because I didn't know anything about trading really. I wouldn't say it lacks features, it surely has more than others like Stockpile that was a total mess. Robinhood has a great design, it's simple enough to use to learn and discover patterns/learn about the market, has crypto included so people can begin learning and testing that out (the chatroom is painful and unnecessary though) if they are new to the cryptocurrency scene and it actually has a huge amount of knowledge inside of the easy design/management/zero fees. You can see stock performance in increments going back to 5 years and and tap and hold to select a specific time. An easy summary table, about the company and articles related to the stock. For a beginner or someone that wants something easy to use, I'd say it's definitely the way to go.
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    Finimize for iPhone

    Financially savvy in minutes

    Finimize app benchmarks robo advisors and has user reviews. It's also super useful at keeping up to date with markets and crypto news throughout the day.
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    Automated portfolio management monitoring your investments

    Easy to use! Free for college students.
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    We manage your investments so you don't have to.

    Great company backed by a great team of financial experts. Extremely helpful staff. Very similar to Wealthfront but I like Betterment's approach better. Been with them for 3+ years and so far has been great!
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    iBillionaire Capital
    FerminRPGrowth Hacker · Written
    Invest in the same portfolios as some of the worlds top billionaires.
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    Coinbase Earn (XLM)

    Learn Stellar. Earn $50 of XLM.

    Great for common cryptocurrencies bundled with a fantastic UI/UX.
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    CA West IV
    CA West IVMaker, Tech-Enthusiast. · Written
    advanced but worth it!
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    First Class for your Capital

    AndrewI move numbers until they make you happy · Written
    Managing investing more like Warren Buffet tells us to. We can all enjoy the dream of throwing money into Robinhood, playing the market, and being a winner - but that isn't what has made our current financial titans (hurr hurr, cheap pun) reach where they are now. This app has given me reason to believe in it over and over. Very responsive team, informative content even for financial professionals, and consistent results.
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    Binance Research

    Institutional-grade analysis and in-depth insights

    Great for a large variety/selection of currencies, the platform can at times be slightly laggy and I would recommend using to monitor prices and do your analytics. But overall for trading I'd recommend using it.
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    If you're looking for something a little different, then I'd recommend checking out WiseAlpha. They are democratising corporate debt bonds and bringing an online marketplace to the corporate debt markets. Previously only available to hedge funds and HNWI, individual investors can now have access to these bonds via WiseAlpha notes. You can start with a minimum £100 investment as well.
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    Haystack News

    Helping crypto traders maximise profits by planning ahead

    Colin Winhall
    Colin WinhallProblem solver. · Written
    Colin Winhall made this product
    Haystack News can help traders plan ahead by providing information on events to happen in the coming days, weeks or even months. Note: Bias here, as this is my own tool.
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    Smart investing made simple

    Vlad Pekh
    Vlad Pekhfront-end developer · Written
    Love WealthSimple, been using it for a year and have saved a bunch of $ in fees. The app is great, the support team is amazing. If you want to get started and get $15,000 managed for free (instead of their regular $5,000) use this link: (full discolsure: I will also get $10k managed free) Win/Win/Win
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    Exo Investing
    Mel Palmer
    Mel PalmerHead of Growth at Exo Investing · Written
    Mel Palmer made this product
    Exo is great because the UX has been built from scratch over the last 2 years, they are super transparent (one all-inclusive fee), app is great for monitoring performance. Plus it manages portfolios every single day, doing daily tweaks rather than quarterly rotations so your portfolio moves with the markets.
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    Casual stock trading - thumb swipes only

    TomasSoftware Imagineer · Written
    I have settled on BUX mobile app for now. The app is quite basic, but has ok UI, allows to set up alerts and trades are pretty much instant. Bux app also has some social features which are of questionable value for trading :) I usually plan my market strategy on a PC and use Bux only for executing transactions and reacting to alerts. Some technical bits: you trade CFDs in a private market with ability to borrow up to 5x your cash balance.
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    Connecting real world events to ETFs

    KrishanMaking things · Written
    Krishan made this product
    Arkera is a free app which has daily curated investment stories from our expert in-house team! We even suggest the ETFs that are best suited for you to invest in the stories. Theres also a companies & influencer tracker for those more interested in single stocks 🚀