J. Pablo Fernández
J. Pablo FernándezFounder at Dashman

What's the best tool to book demos for a solo-founder?

I want to offer demos to my potential customers and I want to have some booking mechanism. Something that has less friction than emails back and forth. One of my issues is than I'm a solo-founder with no specific business hours. I'd need it to connect to my calendars so it knows when I'm not available. It would be great if the customer would pick three different slots and then I do the final selection on my side, or something like that. I'm based in the UK and I'm happy to work even past midnight to give people in the west coast of the US demos, support, etc. At the same time, I'm an introvert and I know 4 demos a day is probably my maximum. Is there any product that fits that criteria? Anything you'd recommend?
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    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    Larisa Deac
    Larisa DeacUX/UI Designer · Written
    I've used Calendly for this and really enjoyed it. You can allow people to choose between different time slots, and it integrates with all the major calendar applications. It also detects timezones for your customers, which has proven to be incredibly useful.
    • Arti Villa
      Arti VillaProduct Engineer - also a generalist. TM

      If I have several google calendars (work, personal, company), I have to use create a new Calendly account per calendar, create a team feature and then merge. I think this use case isn't an edge case at all.

      I also want to be able to scroll /highlight entire sections that are open to public to setup meetings, not show all non-booked spots as open. So the visual experience of picking open slots can be better.

    • Use it weekly.

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    Schedule meetings without exchanging unnecessary emails!

    Rafał Muszyński
    Rafał MuszyńskiAutomates meetings scheduling! · Written
    Rafał Muszyński made this product
    Try Harmonizely, it connects all major calendars including CalDAV compatible. Timezone is automatically detected so the date and times are always expected the same.
    • Uplift Agency
      Uplift AgencyUplift Agency Ltd.

      At Uplift, we're big fans of Harmonizely--the company uses it for its FastMail integration:

      * scheduling incoming client meetings and candidate interviews

      * sharing interview calendars with each other

      I've also had great experiences sharing feedback to Rafal and Harmonizely team and seeing quick, continuous improvements. For those looking for direct CalDav or FastMail integration, I don't know of a better product.

      - Paul Craciunoiu, Co-Founder


    • Harmonizely is the only scheduling tool I could find that supported CalDAV. Their support is simply amazing, and any issues or feature requests I had have been dealt with faster than I ever would have expected. You have to try it out if you're using another app!

  3. If you're a solo business owner and looking to connect your calendars, send automated email reminders, schedule time with your leads, manage your own availability, approve bookings and so on + you do not want to spend a lot of money in buying a scheduling tool then you should give a try to SuperSaaS. What I love the most about it is its flexibility to offer a lot of features, adapt to different types of needs and also get access to all features in such low cost which no other provider does.