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What are the best Mailchimp alternatives in 2018?

I like Mailchimp but there customer service/ticket processing time is killing me right now. Any good alternative which is free plan to start with. Something that can scale nicely in the long run.
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    Email marketing for Freelancers & Small Business

    varjuntej made this product
    Hey Muneed, Try bullmailer, It has many features like email automation, landing pages, lead forms, campaign setups and much more. It's best when compare to pricing with mailchimp. It's has amazon aes integration packages. also. Try it once.
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    Send marketing and transactional emails with one account

    Thomas DIDIER6Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    As powerful as Mailchimp platform.
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    Build beautiful email newsletters with drag-and-drop editor

    Aja FerrellI am an EA for Grant Business Solutions · Written
    It offers a whole more on the free plan than mailchimp as well as more free subscribers.