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What are the latest health and wellness products?

I'm looking for out-of-the-box products and trends in health/wellness/beauty.
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    A new OS for the human body

    TakomborerwaSoftware engineer · Written
    gives you a tonne of useful data
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    World’s first sleep robot to improve sleep

    Baginda TirtadjiGrowth @ The Somnox Sleep Robot. · Written
    Baginda Tirtadji made this product
    A sleep robot that will help millions of stress-related insomniacs sleep again. We successfully funded our project on Kickstarter, crushing our goal with 200%! We will launch worldwide in October this year. Small bias of course, but exactly fits your bill!
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  3. Helps to sleep better - and is based on medical research.
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    Your AI assistant for emotional health

    Leandra V. SilvaCEO Empathy Bottles · Written
    I couldn't find a better app to manage emotional health. It helps a lot with stress, anxiety and depression
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    Diego DottaYouper Co-founder · Written
    Diego Dotta made this product
    Feel your best in just a few minutes with Youper, your friendly assistant, powered by artificial intelligence. A team of experts led by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton created Youper with the idea that everyone on the planet can become the best version of themselves. In fact, Youper comes from You + Super. ;-)
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    Andrew CarignanRecovering athlete · Written
    Andrew Carignan made this product
    For anyone who travels and wants to continue with their workout routine. Membership is inexpensive, less than $10 a month and it gives members access to over 5,000 high quality fitness facilities as they travel. The entire United States is covered and users are able to visit one facility per day as long as the facility is more than 35 miles away from their home address.
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    Skinive - Skincare AI-bot
    Kirill AtstarovCEO & Founder Skinive Hold. B.V. · Written
    Kirill Atstarov made this product
    Easy way to detect skin deseases
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    B.O.S.S. Bars
    Andrea SpirovCEO, B.O.S.S. Food Co · Written
    Andrea Spirov made this product
    Unique line of on the go functional snacks
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    Enriching & ethical wellness travel experiences

    Nabeena MCo-Founder of @ToSoulscape · Written
    Nabeena M made this product
    Switch off from your screens and immerse yourself in lesser-known cultures with enriching and ethical travel experiences.
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    Mindset 2.0

    Retrain your subconscious. Hypnosis app for skeptics.

    Alex Naoumidis made this product
    It's the only app that will help your target specific beliefs that drive how you think, feel and act and then retrain them. Oh and it's gorgeous.
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    Track and visualize your mental wellbeing (mental health) 🧠📈

    Adam GreenoughMaking · Written
    Adam Greenough made this product
    Track and visualize your mental wellbeing (mental health).
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    Do workouts with AI, rather than alone

    Gennady Sidelnikov made this product
    I promote my product)) Learn a technique of squats and don’t skip a workout! Our App recognizes your movements through your smartphone camera and gives you tips on how to perform every move in a way that is most beneficial for your workout goals. Make the world more active!
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    Your personal mindfulness trainer

    This Product is simple and easy to use. I use this app om daily basis.
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