Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPartner @ Shrug Capital

What's the best office snack and drink?

Guilty pleasures, healthy snacks, hit me.
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  1. 22

    Gummy coffee bites for cognitive performance

    PeteCommunity / Social Media Manager · Written
    For the digital nomad that's always on the... go!
  2. Nick Abouzeid
    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital · Written
    This is a no-brainer (and a favorite here at PH). 🤗
    Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    The real question is - what flavor? I've been addicted to Key Lime recently.
    I think Lacroix sparkling Water is right for you.
  3. Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Is it even possible to start a day without coffee?
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  4. Harold Cummington
    Harold CummingtonProduct Manager at Slark · Written
    Gotta have fruit.
    6progyour valuable network > free sign up at · Written
    Fruit is good for you.
  5. Antonio
    AntonioVisual Designer & Developer · Written
    Best Soft Drink you can get in Germany!
  6. Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Healthy, filling, and super easy to make :)
  7. Ben Burman
    Ben BurmanPodcast Host, Campaign Marketing · Written
    One of the healthiest and most filling protein bars I've ever had. Great way to start your day when you get into the office.
  8. Shaun Burch
    Shaun BurchMobile Developer, TicketBiscuit · Written
    The simple satisfaction of flavored, carbonated water.
  9. Debdut Mukherjee
    Debdut MukherjeeMarketing Strategist · Written
    The one thing that I have everyday before entering my office is Sugar Cane juice. It literally 'clears' your body and keeps you fresh throughout the day.
  10. Pawel Swiatek
    Pawel SwiatekCo-Founder, Mazey · Written
    Delicious. Good for you. Goes great with La Croix water.
  11. These are delicious in the morning for those who don't like eating a big breakfast.
  12. 1

    Delicious, nutritious snacks, delivered to your door.

    Kimberley Williams
    Kimberley WilliamsProduct Manager at Soldo · Written
    Love that I can either sign up to a weekly box online or pop into the supermarket and get a selection. They're great, healthy, and filling -without a ton of calories!
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